Irina Gladkaya Age Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Arm Wrestler

Irina Gladkaya, age seems to be between 35-40 years old, has not yet been featured on the official webpage of Wikipedia despite being an arm wrestler champion. 

Irina Gladkaya is a ArmWrestler. She is a 13-time world champion in arm wrestling and is recognized as a black diamond across the world.

The stunning Russian arm wrestler possesses a heroic strength that may cause even the most powerful person to reconsider wrestling against her.

Gladkaya was reportedly seen arm-wrestling numerous men twice her size on Miami Beach, and the crowd knew they were in for a treat after a minute.

Irina is regarded as one of the most dominating arm wrestlers in the world, and her video of her overcoming the guys on Miami Beach has been seen over 35 million times on YouTube.

Irina Gladkaya Wikipedia: Her Biography

Irina Gladkaya is a 13-time world champion in arm wrestling who has dominated the sport for years. In high school, the Russian powerhouse began her career as an arm wrestler.

Her athletic talents in school contests surprised her physical education instructor.

Later, she was asked to train with Arthur Aghajanyan, which proved to be a turning point in her life.

Irina quickly improved her technical talents, and four months later, she participated in and won the World Championship in Slovakia.

She is now a world champion in the middleweight class, as well as multiple European champions.

The Arnold Classic Brazil 2016 was won by the powerful beauty.

She graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering and Moscow State Law Academy with degrees in Economics and Law.

Irina Gladkaya Age: How Old Is He?

Irina Gladkaya’s age seems to be between 30-35 years old.

Every year on November 4th, she celebrates her birthday, although no details regarding her birth year have been published.

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 166 pounds, respectively.

Irina Gladkaya On Instagram

Irina Gladkaya is active on Instagram with the username @irina_gladkaya_arm.

Likewise, her account is categorized as a Public Figure account and has amassed more than 75.7K followers, and has been following 641 users. She has posted 1,176 posts.

Irina Gladkaya Boyfriend Details

Irina Gladkaya has kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret.

Gladkaya has been successful in keeping the details of her relationship a secret because the media has not discovered the person she has been dating.