Is Ashland Locke Dead? Leaving After Death In ‘Young and the Restless’, What Happened?

The Young and the Restless will be losing Richard Burgi. In January 2022, the 63-year-old actor who played Ashland Locke on the soap opera announced on his Instagram Story that he had been fired from his job due to having “naively and unintentionally violated the show’s COVID policy.”

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) were informed by Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) that Ashland appeared to be out of it. The show lovers might reconcile with it. Now, is Ashland Locke dead? What are the other details encompassing the Young and the Restless? Read further to find the full details. *You might meet some spoilers below*

Is Ashland Locke Dead? 

Ashland was initially intended to be a very transient character on Young and the Restless. Richard Burgi, who played Ash, quickly rose to the top as a favorite. The initial plan was for this cancer to be accurate, but they changed course. 

Naturally, Robert Newman filled the position after Y&R fired Burgi. By the time the new actor too over, Ashland’s cancer had already been exposed as a ruse. Therefore, they would have to save the character or find another way to get rid of him.

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What Happened To Ashland Locke? 

Nick defends his sister on the show and attacks Ashland, according to Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming episode. The man falls and hits his head against the fireplace, which undoubtedly, seems fatal. However, his body disappears right away.

Nevertheless, what happened? When Adam saved the Locke Ness Monster, was he nearby? Or did someone from Victor’s ranch security watch and remove the body? Only Y&R spoilers suggest that The Mustache will hide his tracks the following week.

In the meantime, Victoria and his brother are baffled, and when they return after taking a brief break, Ash has vanished. On Young and the Restless, all that is left is a small pool of his blood. And, we yet don’t know if he managed to survive or if someone helped him. The police were called shortly after the incident.

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More On Spoilers: Ashland Locke Leaving Young and the Restless

According to spoilers, Ashland Locke dies during a fight at the Newman ranch this week. It appears that a string of misfortunes culminated in his premature death. Since Adam has been reasonably committed to being “better” lately on the show, the viewers might rule him out. Nevertheless, viewers still have many curiosities to hold on to until next week.

So, is this all part of some sinister scheme Adam concocted with Ashland? Will they further torture and gaslight the family going forward?

But is Ash dead, or is this just a complicated retaliation plan against Y&R? Or is Ashland Locke getting out because he’s already passed away? The CBS daytime drama has hooked every viewer for several questions. There is a lot to find out as the show rolls further.

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