Is Devour Rapper Arrested, Sentenced To Jail?

Devour was arrested on August 16, 2019, for the murder of his close friend and business partner Henry King.

The friends were rumored to have conflicts and arguments about money from the clothing label that they owned.

The money was what caused the Rapper to kill his partner. He was even said to have taken control and ownership of the Kingscourtela Clothing Company.

He also didn’t attend and pay his respect to Henry even though they were close friends and partners.

Devour was soon granted bail with the payment of $2,000,000 as there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his crime.

After the words about Devour’s death started to come out in the media made his fans anxious. He was rumored to be shot Eight times and rushed to hospital but was declared dead by the doctors.

It was also said that he was killed in custody after being arrested by the American police force.

Devour Rapper Real Name Exposed

Devour’s real name is Devour Up.

Devour is a famous rapper born on February 12, 1994, in the United States. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

The Rapper started his career in 2012 after uploading the debut composition on YouTube. The Rapper is now 27 years old multi-racial American who was listed among the most popular rappers on Spotify 2020.

He is supposedly a father of two children about whom he keeps posting on his Instagram, and his songs are supposed to be insanely driving his followers mad in a good way.

Devour got listed as the most popular and one of the Richest Rapper in the year 2020, and his net worth is estimated to be around $850,000 and his annual salary to be around $53,000.