Is Grant Random Leaving Octane?

Grant Random has revealed the news via his social media platform that he is leaving Octane but hasn’t shared the reason behind his departure.

As per Random’s Linkedin profile, he has been working for SiriusXM as an on-air personality since June of 2001, and today is his last day on the show, as per his Tweet.

Before that, he worked for DC101 and hosted “Local Lix” and the “New Music Mart” for that network. Likewise, Grant served as an on-air personality for Q101 for two years.

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Where Is The SiriusXM Co-Host Going? 

Although Grant Random revealed he is leaving SiriusXM, he hasn’t disclosed where the show’s co-host is going.

Grant has kept the details of his next move confidential and has not shared his plans with his admirers and well-wishers yet.

Fans are sad to hear the announcement of his withdrawal, and they are curious to know what he is looking forward to doing in life if he is hosting a new podcast or getting involved in other fields of profession.

Moreover, he has written that he is launching a new podcast soon on his Linkedin profile and shared that the world needs more of those podcasts as one gets to learn so much information about a person or their experience.

What happened to Grant Random?

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to Grant Random, and he is doing perfectly fine.

As he revealed the news of quitting the show, some fans might have speculated that he had some health issues or Random was sick, but that’s not the case. The on-air personality looks healthy and has not disclosed suffering any illness.

As it’s April 1st tomorrow, the on-air personality might have shared the news to prank his fans and get their reactions. Or he might be leaving to start his show; the reason is unclear.

Hopefully, Grant will soon reveal detailed information about the decision he has taken to clear the confusion of his followers and share what he is up to if he is departing from SiriusXM.

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