Is JK Rowling Homophobic? What Did She Say About Lesbian People On Her Tweet Now? Controversy Explained

Is JK Rowling Homophobic? Her tweets about the trans women has netizens side by and side against her. But this is not the first time she has openly stated her views.

JK Rowling has stated her views on the trans women once again.

While she did not mentioned about the trans people, Rowling used her social media handle to open up following the statement released by Keir Starmer.

JK Rowling is a well-recognized author of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Is JK Rowling Homophobic?

JK Rowling has been openly stating about her views regarding the trans women. People might find Rowling homophobic but has not called her one.

JK Rowling and women’s rights and her views on trans women goes a long way. Keir Starmer interview on Times has allowed Rowling to open up once again.

Starmer, the former lawyer and the leader of Labour Party, recently stated trans women are a women by law and the issue about respect and dignity comes in line when one talks about the people who has been through the process.

Rowling, however, did not found the statement in favor of women, as she replied to the Starmer stating that the Labour party can no longer be counted on to defend women rights and women are scared, angry, and outraged.

What Did JK Rowling Say?

JK Rowling showed her frustration stating politician does not have idea on women being angry for other people speaking about women’s rights, women’s bodies, and women’s lives.

While her tweets have enraged the netizens as they called out for her unhealthy statement, people are expressing their support to the author as well.

In the meantime, these reactions from the people are not new to the author as she has been highly vocal about her views regarding women and trans women.

JK Rowling Tweets Controversy Transphobia

JK Rowling and controversy go parallel when she tweets about trans people.

The author has been highly vocal about her views regarding women and trans women.

Regarding the matter, she has tweeted about respecting the trans community and would march with them if they are feeling discriminated on the basis of being trans.

But at the same time, Rowling states that her life has been shaped as being a female, and erasing the concept of sex will remove the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives.

Her tweets has garnered a lot of backlash but has not stopped sharing her views on the issue. The recent case is her tweets about Keir Starmer’s statement.