Is Kiamani Brooks Found? Everything On Missing Orlando Florida Girl

Kiamani Brooks, the 15-year-old who went missing from Orlando, has been found. Find out everything on the missing Florida girl in this article.

Kiamani, a high school student from Florida went missing on September 18.

After seeking help from the police and online, she was finally been found. Her parents turned to the internet communities to help them find their daughter. She was last seen wearing a red/pink top, white shorts, and multicolored flip-flops.

Everyone worked together to find the missing girl and she is now safe and sound. Her family thanked everyone who helped in the search and netizens who shared the story on the internet.

Is Kiamani Brooks Found? Missing Update On Florida Girl

Yes, Kiamani Brooks has been found.

The teenager from Florida went missing on September 18. Her family sought help from the police to locate her after she didn’t return home. Many joined on the internet to help locate the missing girl and shared her story on social media platforms.

Kiamani’s mother Tee Thompson confirmed the news that her daughter has safely returned via a post on Facebook. She thanked everyone who helped in the search and for all the support her family got from everyone.

Soon after that, people started sharing the news about Brooks being found. There was a slight confusion as people could not find her family’s statement but later it got confirmed as everyone was relieved by the news.

Who Is She? Her Facebook And Family Explored

Kiamani Brooks is a 15-year-old high schooler from Florida. She was all over social media the past week after she went missing from Orlando.

Her family tried everything to find Brooks but there was no information on her whereabouts. They even printed missing posters and pamphlets but couldn’t locate their missing daughter.

Her parents then, turned to Facebook where they requested help from several Facebook groups to help them find their teenage daughter. And then, netizens took over the internet to help locate Brooks. They shared the news on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit and created a chain to help her family find her.