Is Lovi Poe Married To Chris Johnson? Her Past Relationship And Family Details

Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe, commonly known as Lovi Poe’s husband, is the ask by netizens being one of the famous Filipina actresses.

Lovi Poe is a versatile personality with acting, modeling, and recording artist expertise. She inherits many entertaining characters from her action star dad, Fernando Poe Jr.

She received a lot of recognization for playing Kristal in the GMA drama series “Bakekang.” At the moment, Lovi’s love life around her husband or partner details has made fans peculiar.

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Lovi Poe Husband Or Boyfriend: Is She Married To Chris Jordan?

No, Lovi Poe is not married to Chris Jordan. However, the rumor of the couple dating was around 2017. Following August, Lovi officially confirmed she was not dating Chris.

The Filipina star has been very strict with her dating life. According to entertainment.inquirer, Lovi is in a long-distance relationship with Monty Blencowe.

He is a Los Angeles-based English movie producer and medical researcher. She met him in Los Angeles and described him as an old soul and a good person.

Lovi has always been vocal about her dating life and does not want to be dictated. A sense of humor and a good caring personality is a must for the actress.

However, at the moment, she has found the perfect guy in Monty.

 Lovi Poe Father And Mother Details: Proud Parents Of Filipina Actress

Lovi Poe was born and brought up by her parents, Fernando Poe Jr and Rowena Moran. As mentioned above, her father is a great action star in the Filipino movie industry.

She was born in the year 1989, but Fernando announced the birth of his child in 2004 to a former actress and beauty queen.

Lovi finished high school at the Colegio San Agustin in Makati, where she graduated in 2007. From a young age, Lovi was influenced by the entertainment business.

Lovi has words full of gratitude and thankfulness towards her parents for their contribution to her career.

Lovi Poe’s Biological Parents And Adopted Parents

Lovi Poe is not adopted and is born by her biological parents, Fernando Poe Jr and Rowena Moran.

However, the rumor of her adoption surfaced on the internet back in the day. The now actress was born in the year 1989, but the announcement of her birth was made in 2004.

For 15 years of life, Lovi was not introduced as their daughter. The equation made fans confused about whether she is adopted or their biological daughter.

The rumor was later justified as a false alarm.