Is Melissa O’Neil Leaving The Rookie? Season 5 Spoilers and Rumors

Lucy aka Melissa O’Neil is leaving ‘The Rookie’ probably because she has got another significant opportunity in her hands.

She may be joining a top-tier program in Sacramento that would train her for serious assignments in the coming future.

Melissa Crystal O’Neil is a famous Canadian actress and singer. Melissa is also the winner of the third season of Canadian Idol and the first female contestant to have won the show.

She was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

O’Neil was in the third season of Canadian Idol when she was in high school. The judges were quite impressed by her voice and she made it to the top 100 round. During the grand finale, she defeated Goudie to be entitled to the third Canadian Idol.

The Idol winner has been in acting since 2015. She had recurring roles in the 2015 drama called This life. It was set in Montreal, the Cole Hauser Tv crime series Rogue, and the musical drama web series called Lost Generation was set in Berlin. has also covered the story of actress Devrim Lingnau. In this article, let us know more about Melissa.

Quick Facts about Melissa O’Neil

Full name Melissa Crystal O’Neil
Age 34 years
Date of birth July 12, 1988
Birthplace Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Profession singer and actress
Net worth $14 Million
Partner Daniel Birnbaum
Instagram @missoneil

Is Melissa O’Neil Leaving The Rookie? Season 5 Spoilers

There have been rumors about Melissa O’Neil leaving The Rookie. Fans of the show have seen her character, Lucy grows more comfortable living in the Los Angeles area. It has been revealed that she has got a significant career opportunity.

Working as an undercover investigator would be wonderful for Lucy who usually cares about justice. At this point, she is confused about the opportunity and at this point, she is going back and forth in her head. Therefore, it is difficult to predict her next move.

She has been dealing with a sense of guilt over the incident that happened with Chris. At the same time, post the traumatic event, she wouldn’t feel good about herself deep down.

The actress has not said anything to her fans about parting ways with The Rookie. However, she was seen posting a promotional teaser for the show recently. She had also posted a behind-the-scenes shot with one of her co-actors, Kanoa Goo. She urged her fans to check out the latest episode of the show.

Moreover, she stated that she has an immense love for all her companions on camera whose work is commendable and worth falling in love with. Her interest and enthusiasm toward the show are so pure that we can’t confirm she will be parting ways with the show.

Is Lucy Chen Actress Melissa O’Neil Pregnant In Real life?

Many fans of The Rookie are speculating that Lucy Chen could be pregnant, but she is not.

There is no any hint that Lucy’s story would head in such a direction. Therefore, the rumor seems to be completely baseless.

Lucy deals with her trauma in the show. She is not coming with any more surprises as far as we are concerned. If the character was pregnant, there would have been some reference as of now. It is not in any of the topics of conversation regarding the show and not a single hint has been passed about her being pregnant.

Therefore, some fans have been spreading rumors that the actress behind the character Lucy, Melissa O’Neil could be pregnant. The actress was sported with a ‘baby bump’, some interpreters reported. However, the rumor seems to be completely unfounded. Moreover, some media also reported that she was seen on a romantic dinner date nearby her place. The sources even claimed that she made toast by drinking water instead of wine and it’s completely unusual.

This rumor too is completely baseless and comes without proper reasoning. Melissa is a self-centric person and she lives a very low-key life, away from the unnecessary chaos of media and reports. Moreover, she has very less about her personal life. Melissa replied to a journalist saying that she does not comment on her personal life. Therefore, the speculation is not confirmed yet.

Melissa O’Neil Husband

Melissa O’Neil is yet to be married to her partner Daniel Birnbaum. She seems to be in a romantic relationship with Daniel as of now. He is a talent agent for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Melissa and Daniel started their relationship in mid-2013. Some sources have even claimed that the duo was already dating each other since 2012. Their pictures surfaced all over the internet making several headlines.

Since Melissa is not a very social person when it comes to her personal life, she has not much shared about her love life. Moreover, she also denied her romantic relationship with Daniel. However, the couple has some very intimate pictures going viral on the internet which supports the speculation. She keeps crediting Birnbaum for her success thus far in acting. However, she does not openly share about her relationship with him.

She had once confirmed that she was dating a yoga instructor named Matthew Rossoff. However, no detail has been provided about how long the couple dated, how did they meet, or what led to the separation of their togetherness.

How Much Is Melissa O’Neil Worth?

The estimated net worth of the actress Melissa O’Neil is $14 million. She has accumulated her income from her career as an actress and singer.

Melissa’s career has been flourishing since she won the Canadian Idol. Immediately after winning the show, she signed a recording contract with Sony BMG Canada and released her first single called “Alive.’ She debuted as number one Canadian singles chart. Moreover, the single went on to be certified four times platinum by the CRIA.

On November 22 of 2005, her self-titled album Melissa O’Neil was released on Son. Moreover, her second single from the album Let it Go got released in 2005 and it was also successful to peak at number seven on the singles chart.

She was Juno Award as New Artist of the Year nominee, alongside Tomi Swick, Patrick Watson, and Eva Avila. In the year 2009, she became the lead vocalist of the Toronto Funk Band called God Made Me Funky.

Melissa has been in the acting industry since 2015. She has recurring roles in This Life, a CBC RV series. Moreover, she has also starred in the Cole Hauser Tv crime series Rogue, and Lost Generation.

Moreover, she was cast in the Tv series space opera Dark Matter. She played in the drama from 2015 to 2017. Moreover, in 2018, she played the role of suki in The CW Procedural Crime Drama iZombie.In October 2018, O’Neil was cast in the role of Officer Lucy Chen in the police drama series called The Rookie.

Some FAQs

What is the age of Melissa O’Neil?

As of 2022, Melissa O’Neil is 34 years old

What is the net worth of Melissa O’Neil?

Melissa O’Neil has an estimated net worth of $14 million

What is the character of Melissa O’Neil inThe Rooke?

Melissa O’Neil plays the role of Lucy Chen in the ABC police drama series The Rookie