Is Nabela Noor Pregnant? American YouTuber Shares Baby News

Nabela Noor and her husband Seth Martin are now expecting their second child.

This Thanksgiving, Nabela Noor is thankful for her expanding family. The activist and YouTuber, 31, announced exclusively to PEOPLE that she is expecting her second baby with her husband Seth Martin.

The couple welcomed their first rainbow baby in March 2022.

YouTuber Nabela Noor Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

YouTuber Nabela Noor is expecting a second child with her husband, Seth Martin.

She shared her pregnancy news on Instagram on Thanksgiving day. Noor is delighted to have been blessed with a rainbow baby after six years of infertility.

Her doctor has declared her infertile for five years she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to conceive any children. Luckily she is expecting her second child.

Noor and Martin have an 8-month-old daughter named Amalia Rana.

“After six years of infertility, we were blessed with our first rainbow baby last year. We never in our wildest dreams imagined that I would hold my miracle baby in my arms today, let alone have another one growing inside of me “Noor says.

“Our children will always serve as a reminder of the effectiveness of prayer and hope,” she told PEOPLE.

She also assured all her readers that they should not give up hope if they are having difficulty starting a family. She hopes their stories will inspire others to believe in God and magic.

Nabela Noor And Seth Martin Had First Baby In March 2022

Nabela Noor and Seth Marting welcomed their first rainbow baby on March 16, 2022.

The Bangladeshi-American activist/author, 30, had her daughter, Amalia, after six years of infertility and a miscarriage.

Noor revealed that she and her husband were trying to conceive since their marriage when she exclusively shared the news of her pregnancy with PEOPLE in September. In August, they commemorated their six-year wedding anniversary.

She declared at the time, “This is our rainbow baby after our very public, disastrous miscarriage.” Her miraculous pregnancy came as a complete and total shocker and the miracle just a little over two and a half weeks after her miscarriage.

When they were in the midst of their worst storm, a rainbow baby unexpectedly arrived at them, she shared her joy with PEOPLE.

A week after her pregnancy announcement with PEOPLE, she posted an emotional video of the moment her parents learned about her rainbow baby on Instagram.

In the video, Noor gives her parents a basket of things to sort through before surprising them with noteworthy information. The influencer claims that while her mother “realized immediately,” it took her father some time to grasp the situation.

The moment Noor’s mother explains this to her father the good news, he immediately starts crying.

On Instagram, the family could be seen beaming with the arrival of their daughter. All the photo shoots and images posted to illustrate how deeply the baby has healed the family.

Initially, Noor spoke about miscarriage, adoption, pregnancy pressure, infertility, and being overweight on her YouTube and Instagram.

She stated how she has spent time crying to sleep over her fertility issues. How unworthy she felt at times and lost her faith in God.

She eventually began to have faith in God and realized that he had timing and a plan superior to hers. Noor developed a comprehensive treatment plan for her infertility and hired a therapist to guide her as she deal with the problem related to pregnancy and baby.

We are overjoyed for her because she is expecting not just one, but two kids.

Nabela Noor Is Married To Seth Martin

Nabela Noor is married to her husband, Seth Martin for over six years.

She is a first-generation Bangladeshi-American designer, housewife, author, and businesswoman. Nabela uses her platforms to motivate millions of people all over the world to embrace their unique identities and promote self-love through self-care.

With no South Asian and Bengali representation in media and entertainment, she dreamed of doing something to change that for upcoming generations. Today, she shines a light on her life story to more than 10 million followers across platforms and more than 1.5 billion views.

She never backs away from speaking on the US floor about sensitive issues to running a show about body positivity to support fans on their self-love journeys.

In March 2020, Nabela Noor Home, a community for modern homemaking focused on celebrating the small acts of goodness throughout each day, was established as a result of her widely acclaimed #PocketsOfPeace series.

Nabela Noor Home’s business is a hub for all things cozy, intentional living, and home inspiration. It offers decor inspiration, delicious recipes, self-care advice, and episodes of the popular POP series.

The expanding NNH community impeded the switch to producing distinctive home goods by artisans in Bangladesh and Nabela’s native Pennsylvania.

She is also the owner of Zeba, a self-love community and clothing brand created with the goal of empowering women to see their worth in more than just a size, a tag, or a measurement.

Noor is also the author of the children’s book, Beautifully Me. The book aims to teach and promote a positive self-image from an early age.

Nabela is currently embracing a new chapter in her life as a mother, juggling her career and pursuing her most recent interests in cooking and interior design.