Is Norah Jones Pregnant? Everything To Know About Her Husband And Parents

According to recent rumors, singer Norah Jones is reportedly pregnant. Is it true?

Norah Jones is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and pianist. She has won nine Grammy Awards throughout her successful career and has sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

The singer, best known for her 2002 debut solo music album Come Away With Me, started out as a lounge singer. Later, she became a recording artist and has performed with Peter Malick, Charlie Hunter, and Wax Poetic.

Her 2004 album, Feels Like Home, won Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the song ‘Sunrise.’ The album grabbed the number 1 spot in at least sixteen countries.

Other notable music albums include Not Too Late, The Fall, Little Broken Hearts, Day Breaks, and Pick Me Up Off the Floor, as per Wikipedia.

Fact Check: Is Norah Jones Pregnant?

Recent rumors suggest Norah Jones is pregnant and is expecting her third child. However, the news is not confirmed by any verified media portals.

As per, some tabloids spotted her with a prominent stomach bulge when she was out and about for dinner on November 6.

They mistook the stomach bulge as a possible ‘baby bump,’ leading them to believe that the singer is pregnant currently.

Jones has neither confirmed the rumors nor denied them. So, we’d have to wait and watch to find out if she is really pregnant or not.

Everything To Know About Norah Jones Husband

Norah Jones is married to her husband Pete Remm. He is a keyboardist, pianist, and guitarist.

Remm has played for groups like The Cabin Down Below Band and The Candles. Jones is particularly secretive about her romantic partner and has not disclosed many details about his personal life.

The couple is proud parents to two children. They have one son and one daughter. She welcomed her son in 2014. Her daughter followed two years later.

At the beginning of her motherhood journey, she kept her Grammy-award winner voice from her son. As per People, she read all kinds of books on pregnancy that advised not to play with your child in the middle of the night in order to let them sleep.

Her mother advised her against it and told her, “You’re a singer.” She changed her parenting style shortly after and started singing to both of her kids.

Who Are Norah Jones Parents?

Norah Jones has a mixed Indian-American heritage from her parents’ side. She is the daughter of American concert producer Sue Jones and Indian musician Ravi Shankar.

Her parents separated in 1986.

Jones’ father, Ravi Shankar, was a legendary sitarist and composer in Indian history. He is still considered the world’s best-known exponent of North Indian classical music.

Born to a Bengali family in 1920, he started playing the sitar in 1938 and continued to perform until the end of his life. He died at age 92 in 2012.

Jones lived with her mother and grew up in Texas following her parents’ divorce. She and her father remained estranged for several years but she later traveled to New Delhi to spend time with him.