Is Packers Aaron Rodgers really Retiring?

Is Aaron Rodgers really retiring? Here’s all about the rumors and his future with NFL.

Widely known as a professional footballer, Aaron Rodgers currently plays as a quarterback for Green Bay Packers. He has been playing for the side since 2005.

Is Aaron Rodgers Retiring? Meet New Jeopardy Host

Aaron Rodgers might be thinking of retiring after the Packers‘ president denied responding to direct questions regarding his contract. According to The Spun, he wants to renew his contract, but the club administration has not shown any interest lately.

The rumors about his retirement have gone much bigger as Aaron Rodgers has accepted to become the guest host of the popular quiz show Jeopardy!, which was previously hosted by the late Alex Trebek.

Aaron Rodgers will be the guest host from April 5 to April 6. Some of his fans even suggest that he plans to retire from football and continue hosting the game show.

In fact, we have come to know that he has idolized Alex Trebek for years, who sadly passed away on November 8, 2020. Moreover, Aaron was the winner of Celebrity Jeopardy! in 2015.

Well, his excitement of joining the shows speaks for himself as Aaron had jumped the gun even before the show had publicly announced his arrival. However, Packers fans are worried if he is going to leave the side after 12 years.

He is definitely going to play this season for Green Bay Packers, but his future after 2021 remains uncertain. In fact, no official details have yet been out regarding his retirement.

Nevertheless, Jeopardy! Fans will be happy to see Rodgers hosting the show full-time. Everything depends on his hosting performance as a guest host next week. 

Fiance And Girlfriend Shyalene Woodley: Wedding Update

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend is a popular American actress, Shyalene Woodley. As per the reports from USA Today, the couples have finally engaged. 

We have come to know that they are planning for a small summer wedding. There are just going to be 50 guests, which will include their friends and family only.