Is Xander Parish Gay?

Despite the rumors, no confirmation about Xander Parish as gay can be found on the internet.

The hoaxes seem to have started since his love life is a big mystery to the people and he is not related to anyone romantically.

All these situations led to the rise in talks among the people that Xander might actually be gay.

However, neither the dancer nor any internet sources have disclosed any information relating to Parish’s sexuality.

He is viewed as a man and Xander is open about displaying himself as a male ballet dancer.

Hence, it is believed that Xander Parish is a straight male.

Xander Parish Wife Name And Photos

Unfortunately, Xander Parish’s wife’s name and her photos are still a mystery to the outsiders.

In fact, it is not known if the dancer is actually married or not.

Let alone his marriage, Parish has not been confirmed in a romantic relationship with anyone and he is reported single by online sources.

While Xander has shared photos with several women, all of them are thought to be his dance partners rather than a love partner.

As things stand, the dancer doesn’t seem to be bothered by the public’s questions about his love life.

He has not revealed anything about his romantic life and the online sources fails to give any hints to the audience as well.

Because of the lack of any clue on his lover, Parish is thought to be single.

Meet Xander Parish On Instagram

Xander Parish can be found on Instagram with the username @_xander.

He has a verified Instagram account with just more than 61k followers at the time of writing this.

The dancer has made over 2400 posts while the majority of those posts are related to his dancing.