Is Young Buck Gay? Transgender Video And Rumors Explained

Young Buck is not gay at all. But he was in the controversies for being catfished by a trans woman after his video was leaked.

Young Buck aka David Darnell Brown is a well-known American rapper. He is also a music executive and the owner of Cashville Records.

Moreover, Brown is a former member of the hip-hop group, G-Unit. He is noted for his songs like, ‘Get Buck’, ‘I Got Money’, and ‘The Beauty of Independence. 

Is Young Buck Gay? Transgender Girlfriend, Video, And Rumors Explained

Young Buck was rumored to be gay but he is of straight sexuality.

He never had a transgender girlfriend but he was catfished by one. It all started when a woman started sending him DM’s on Instagram. She sent her intimate pictures and videos.

The woman also confirmed that she was in Buck’s city. With high hopes of hooking up, he went to the lady’s place. But he found that she was not the one from the videos.

After realizing that, Young got out of the room. However, the video of him entering the room to a transwoman, Glamour Purfek was already recorded. It was released to the public in 2018.

Later on, Buck begged her to delete the video. She removed it from her page and apologized to everyone including Young and his family. 

Did Young Buck Girlfriend Pulled Gun? 

As per TMZ, Young Buck’s girlfriend, Lucresia Neal was arrested for firing the gun three times.

The couple went into a heated argument related to the social media passwords. As a result, Buck grabbed her by her jacket and tried to throw her to the ground.

But Neal got away from his grasps and retrieved a handgun from her bedroom. She then pointed it to the ground and fired two shots.

After that, Young went down to his truck and drove it towards Lucresia when she came down. She fired another shot in the air without any intentions of hurting Buck.

However, Lucresia was taken into custody by local police.

Young Buck Net Worth 2021

As noted by Celebrity Net Worth, Young Buck has a decent sum of $100,000 in 2021.

He earns a hefty paycheck from his multiple careers in the TV and music field. Moreover, he lives a lavish life in Tennessee.