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Professionally known as James Badge Dale, James is a popular American actor for various roles in movies and television shows, including the AMC drama series Rubicon, and HBO miniseries The Pacific.

James Badge Dale Bio/Wiki

Dale was born on May 1, 1978 in New York City, the only child of actor, dancer and choreographer Grover Dale and actress and singer Anita Morris. He attended Wonderland Elementary School in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, and then Manhattanville College Purchase, New York, where he played for the hockey team until he suffered a leg injury.

At age 10, he auditioned for the role of Simon in Lord of the Flies, where he was cast. After five months there in Jamaica, he returned to his schooling at Wonderland Elementary. His mother died when he was only 15 years old.

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The career of James Badge Dale

His acting career started quite early, at the age of 10 he auditioned for the 1990 film adaptation of Lord of the Flies (in which he played the role of Simon). He then starred as Chase Edmunds in the third season of the Fox TV series 24 which he later reprized in the video game of the same title.

He also appeared in CSI: Miami and CSI: NY as serial killer Henry Darius. The story originally began in the CSI: Miami Season 4 episode “Felony” and ended in the CSI: NY Season 2 episode “Manhattan Manhunt,” resulting in a crossover between the two shows.

Dale also starred in the HBO miniseries The Pacific, as Robert Leckie and Trooper Barrigan in Martin Scorsese ‘s The Gone . He was the main cast of AMC’s political thriller Rubicon – a story about a secret society that pulls strings on the world political stage like the alleged Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations. His most recent work is the 2016 film 1 PM: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and Spectral where he had a lead role.

James once revealed in a Vanity Fair interview how he got by talking about French gibberish La promenade. Speaking about how Robert Zemeckis got him on The Walk he said:

“I got a phone call from his people and they said, ‘We heard a rumor you speak French. ”Which was not true. In fact, I don’t want to procrastinate. It’s not true. It is simply not true. I had done another movie with Joe Carnahan [The Gray] and I was playing an obnoxious guy from New York and pretending to be French. So maybe they had heard about this, and it kind of flowed through the pipeline.

“I made him a tape and according to him he got the tape and sat there and said, ‘I can’t believe it, Badge speaks French!’ And then the French coach comes in and says, “It’s not French.” the dialect coach says, “That’s gibberish.

“And so they set me up with a French tutor, and then we had another dialect coach once we were on set. The truth is, Joe [Joseph-Gordon Levitt] speaks French. Clément [ Sibony], César [Domboy] and Charlotte [Le Bon], they live in Paris. They are French. In fact, they helped me every day and they helped me move forward. I have to be careful. There are a lot of French people who would kick my ass if I tried to speak French.”

Badge has won several prestigious awards throughout his career. He was nominated for the Screen Actor Guild Awards in 2005 for his performance in the television series, 24. He was also nominated for the Teen Choice Awards and the Young Artist Awards.

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Is James Badge Dale married? wife

The handsome blue-eyed actor is single at the moment. Although he wanted to keep his private life out of the media, it wasn’t entirely possible. He was once linked to Stephanie Szostak. The story made headlines when they were seen together at the premiere of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 at the E! Captain Theater California in April 2013 holding hands.

James probably wanted to give the media something to talk about, as there were no official statements and confessions from either side and this was the last time they were seen together in public.

Keeping his relationships and sexual orientation private has caused many to consider him gay, which is completely normal with celebrities deciding to keep their personal lives and sexual orientation away from the media and public eye. But until he opens up about his private life, we can just say that he is currently single.

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James Badge Dale net worth

James’ net worth is around $1.5 million. He is approximately 5’11” tall and has a perfectly groomed figure.