Jason Statham And Melissa McCarthy Relationship: Are The Spy 2015 Movie Co-stars Together?

Jason Statham, a British superstar, And Melissa McCarthy, American Actress, were first seen together in the role of Rick and Susan, respectively, for the comedy action movie Spy, released in 2015.

In the American comedy action film Spy, Susan Cooper, a secret agent, is followed as she races to recover a stolen nuclear weapon. Paul Feig directed and wrote the movie in 2015. The co-star meets each other through their organization of CIA, as they are uncovering the stories.

The comedy film Jason is a rare one for the fans to see, and he appears as the sidekick of the actress throughout the film. Their relationship outside the film has been a curious topic among the viewers.

Jason Statham And Melissa McCarthy’s Relationship

Jason Statham And Melissa Mccarthy met each other through the movie Spy, released in 2015. They had a great relationship as friends and co-workers as movie stars.

The actress described she had the fun of her lifetime and how delighted she was to work with the British star Statham. Many times during the casting of the films, Jason used to break her character as he used to get close to her face and get intense. She used to laugh at her bits and gags, which she described as gross in comedy.

In the interview, when they were asked to talk about their relationship in the movies, Melissa described him as very pompous and rude to her. They expressed their relationship as not a very good one, but they loved each other characters.

The actor described the film got him his first comedy role, and liked working with the actress. During the film, Susan (Melissa) secretly falls for Fine(Jason), and she becomes the voice of ear for the badass star throughout the film.

Are Jason and Melissa Together Now?

The co-star of the movie spy is in a relationship but not with each other. They have remained as the friend who once worked together to bring the movie of Spy.

Statham is dating the Beautiful English model and actress Rosie Alice Huntington Whiteley for 12 years. They got engaged in 2016 after their first date in 2010. The pair were blessed with the child Jack OScar in June 2017 and another one in February 2022. Although they had not been married, there had not broken their promise until the date.

While attending the party in London, They met each other for the first time in 2009, and they hit off as soon as they deluge in conversation. They made their first red carpet debut in 2011. Currently, they are living in Beverly Hills, California.

Melisa married her long-time boyfriend, Ben Falconesince, on October 8, 2005. The pair are blessed with two daughters, Vivian Falcone and Georgette Falcone. Her daughter also appeared in the film industry for the first time in the Film, The Boss in 2016. She founded the On the Day Production company with her husband and has been operating it together.

Jason Statham And Melissa McCarthy in Spy 2015 Movie

Jason Statham appears as Rick Ford and Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper in the Spy movie 2015 Movie.

The character of Rick is very intense and matches the types of roles that Jason generally plays. However, The stone face actor has pulled off the epic comedy gags related to spies in the movie. The rare comedy of Jason is a sight to watch for the fans in this movie.

The 40-year-old single woman Susan is generally working at the desk for the CIA and has a partner named Bradley Fine. The role of an actress is seen as salty yet very charming to the fans. The story of the CIA analyst and SPecialist as she tries to trace the nuclear device through the films is worthwhile.

Spy is an American comedy action movie that follows the life of the secret agent Susan Cooper in racing the nuclear device that was stolen. It was directed and written by Paul Feig in 2015. The film earned massive success at the Box office with $235 million. The rotten tomatoes have rated the Spy with 95% with 260 votes and seven out of ten by IMDB.