Jess Hogue Trail And Whereabouts – Jackie Hogue Murder and Cold Justice

On March 21, 2019, Jess Hogue was arrested for the 1994 murder of his ex-wife, Jackie Hogue. However, the situation is still under investigation.

Jess Hogue, 73, was detained Thursday afternoon in the year 2019 after he was observed driving along Platteville Boulevard and North Raymont Drive in Pueblo West by detectives from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office and federal marshals.

Similarly, Hogue was apprehended without incident when law authorities pulled him over. Hogue is suspected of assassinating his wife, Jackie Hogue, in Bishop Hills, Texas, about 25 miles northwest of Amarillo. 

Jess Hogue Trail And Whereabouts 2022: Jackie Hogue Murder And Cold Justice

Jess Hogue is an American man who was arrested in 2019 for the 1994 murder of his wife. After a few years, people appear to be curious about Jess’s current condition and location. 

The murder case had been cold for years, with no suspects discovered, and it was on its way to being forgotten. A couple of cold-case detectives, on the other hand, decided to reopen the case and solve it.

As a consequence of this reinvestigation, Hogue was proven to be the true perpetrator of his wife Jackie’s murder and was sentenced to jail.

Jess Hogue, the cold case’s perpetrator, is 75 years old. At the time of his arrest in 2019, he was said to be 73 years old. As a result, he might be 75 or 76 years old in 2021.

Jess was sentenced to jail for the 1994 murder of his 40-year-old wife Jackie Hogue.

The news of this case has stunned all of his neighbors and relatives, and the matter is still being investigated. People are still curious about the latest developments in this situation.

She had also been sexually abused, according to detectives. The robbery was ruled out since there was no evidence of forced entry.

The investigation has been reopened many times, according to CBS Amarillo, but each time detectives came up short.

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Where Is Jess Hogue Now: Is He In Jail?

Jess Hogue is currently reported to be in a Texas prison following the re-investigation. The episode of Cold Justice on Oxygen looks to have been the most important component in solving the case.

The witness in the case apparently remarked something about how Jesse reacted following the event in the episode.

Witnesses claimed that Jess wished to return to a period when his wife Jackie was still living and that the police were unable to apprehend him since the used weapon, a pistol, was missing.

This proved to be a pivotal point in the inquiry, and Jess was arrested and punished as a result of these revelations.

After being detained for traffic on March 21, 2019, he was sentenced to jail in Colorado without bail 2019.  He was supposed to be extradited to a Texas prison, according to Oxygen.

As a result, at the time of writing this article, Jess is believed to still be in prison.

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Is Jess Hogue Dead or Alive?

Despite claims to the contrary, Jess Hogue is believed to be alive and still in jail.

There are various bogus news headlines on the internet claiming Jess’s death, however, there are no true proofs or official reports.
Similarly, the police department has not produced any police reports verifying his death.

As a result, it is assumed that Jesse Hogue is still alive and serving his jail sentence. When the witness pressed Jess for clarity, Jess said that authorities would never be able to prosecute him since the gun would never be found.

“‘No, they can’t condemn me until they locate the gun,’ he replied, and then he claimed y’all would never find it. That you were all too naive, “The witness stated.

New circumstantial evidence was discovered during an investigation by Oxygen’s “Cold Justice” team, which was presented in Sunday’s season finale, making the case against Jess Hogue more compelling to the 47th District Attorney’s Office in Colorado.

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