Juri Vips Family, Parents, Father, Brother

Juri Vips is a racing driver who previously competed in the FIA Formula 2 Championship with Hitech Grand Prix.

Juri Vips family

Who are Juri Vips’ family? Juri Vips’ family is not known to the public but he once shared that he has brothers. He also added that even though his family is not totally involved with what he does, they still give him the support he needs.

My family are not now involved with my racing so much the coaching or anything but any driver at my level would not be there without the backing of their family,” he said.

Juri Vips parents

Who are Juri Vips’ parents? There are not much details about Juri Vips’ parents, but according to sources, his father died years ago. The whereabouts of his mother are not known.

Juri Vips father

Who is Juri Vips’ father? Juri Vips’ father reportedly died years ago. His identity is still not known.

Juri Vips brother

Does Juri Vips have a brother? Juri Vips once shared that he has big brothers who indirectly inspired him to be a racer.

My big brothers were into rental karting and let me try when I was around 7 and from there things started to grow and grow until I did my first race when I was 11 in the Estonian Championships,” he said.

Juri Vips age

How old is Juri Vips? Juri Vips is 21 years old.

Juri Vips birthday

When does Juri Vips celebrate his birthday? Juri Vips celebrates his birthday every August 10.

Juri Vips date of birth

When was Juri Vips born? Juri Vips was born on August 10, 2000.

Juri Vips nationality

Where does Juri Vips come from? Juri Vips is an Estonian. He was born in Tallinn, Estonia.