Juston Burris Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend :: Height, Weight, Age, Father, Family

Juston Burris is the American Football Player playing as a cornerback for the Oakland Raiders of National Football League, NFL. He used to play college football at North Carolina State University before playing for NFL. Also, Burris signed with the Oakland Raiders only on September 13, 2019, to replace their injured player Johnathan Abraham. Before this, Burris had also played for the Cleveland Browns from November 2018 to September 2019. After his promising performance in college football, he was drafted by New York Jets in 2016’s NFL Draft. And, he played against Buffalo Bills in the season opener on 10th September 2017.

Justin Instagram and other Social media profiles

This is no surprise that Justin is on Instagram and Twitter. However, he is not very active on any of the social media sites. He posts only sometimes on his Instagram as well as on Twitter.

About Juston’s Father and Family

Juston attended a beautiful wedding in July this year. The wedding ceremony was for his father and mother. His mother Kerry Davis and father, Jeff tied the knot this July in front of their two sons and family members. The couple and their sons looked very happy. Juston was definitely enjoying this big moment of his dad and mom. Moreover, he showed his happiness through a post on his Instagram on 15th July. Burris has a younger brother. In the free time, the father and the sons like to play football at their home and enjoy as much as possible.

Juston is 26 years old

This rising star in football is only 26 years old at present.  Juston Burris was born on August 4, 1993, in Roanoke, Virginia. He went to Broughton High School in North Carolin for his high-school studies. And went to North Carolina State University for further studies. Studying there was a great advantage for him as he could show his talent in college football. He has been playing in the NFL since 2016.

Juston Burris Height: 6 feet, and Weight: 96 kg

By now, you all know that Juston is a Football Player and he plays in the defense. One needs to be balanced and strong enough if he wants to play as a defense in Football. Thus, Juston’s height (1.85 m) and Weight ( 96 kg) perfectly complement each other for the game. He is tall, dark and has a well-built body. Spending a lot of time playing and at the gym and a proper diet is the secret of his health as well as a fit body.

Juston Burris Girlfriend: Dani Heichen, Will She be his Wife in 2019?

Well, there is not much information about his love life on the internet. But from his Instagram, it seems like he is dating some girl named Dani Heichen. Although there is no solid proof to suggest that they are dating each other, Juston posted a picture on his Instagram wishing her on her birthday by referring to her as a “Babygirl”.

Juston Burris Net Worth: $2.16 Million

At present, Burris’s net worth and earning is $2.16 Million after playing in 3 seasons of NFL. Also, he had earned $296,000 dollars in the year 2018. This earning is considered to be a good one. Furthermore, at present, Juston is playing for the Oakland Raiders with a base salary of $720,000.