Kate Gallivan Is The “Villain” In Bachelor In Paradise As Revealed In Spoilers!

Kate Gallivan is infamously known as the ‘villain’ in the Bachelor In Paradise season 8.

Kate Gallivan appeared in season 26 of The Bachelor this year. She will also appear in Bachelor In Paradise season 8 this year and she quickly got onto the radar of the viewers for all the shenanigans in the show despite season 8 breaking all the previous records of the most number of contestants with 43 people this season.

Gallivan is a Nashville native who moved to Los Angeles some seven years ago to try her luck, she ended up doing really good for herself with her real estate agent job. She now has an impressive home in Hollywood Hills, a nonstop fun social life, and a very good career in real estate.

Kate works with Oppenheim Group, the same one which is owned by Jason and Brett Oppenheim and which gets featured in another reality television show Selling Sunset according to Cosmopolitan.

Let us learn more about Kate Gallivan and take a closer look at her Bachelor In Paradise experience and her age and net worth.

Quick Facts

Name Kate Gallivan
Age 33 Years Old
Date of Birth May 12, 1989
Profession Real Estate Agent, Reality Television Personality
Shows The Bachelor, Bachelor In Paradise
Net Worth $100,000
Instagram @kategallivan

Kate Gallivan in Bachelor In Paradise: Is She The Villain?

Kate Gallivan was dubbed ‘villain’ in season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise according to Reality Steve.

Not that being titled villain is a bad thing in terms of personality and does not also mean she is a horrible person but she did have some part to play in the outcome of the show.

Steve also noted, Gallivan rubbed some other contestants the wrong way. She has done a fair share of politics in the show to send other contestants home.

Gallivan who arrived during Casa Amor first started dating Jacob, who was with Jill before that. Once Kate and Jacob started hitting it off, Jill went home. Then when Kate turned to Logan, it was Jacob’s turn to be gone from the show.

Similarly, when Lyndsey arrived she asked Logan to go on a date that was not approved by Kate meaning Lyndesy had to go home. She sent four people home according to Reality Steve, and she was on the show for just two weeks.

Kate Gallivan Age and Birthday

Kate Gallivan’s age is 33 years old as of 2022.

She was born on 12th May 1989. She receives birthday wishes from her loved ones, friends, and her fans on her birthday every year.

Her zodiac sign is Taurus. People with Taurus as their zodiac sign tend to strongly desire social and corporate stability. She has lived up to her personality traits.

She thanked for another trip around the sun with her hands full of flowers on her Instagram account last year, and the comment section of her post was filled with birthday wishes from her followers on the platform.

Gallivan’s Net Worth: What’s Her Real Job?

Kate Gallivan’s net worth is $100,000 as of 2022 from her career as a TV star and real estate agent.

Kate’s real job is real estate agent based in Los Angeles, she works for the famous Oppenheim Group, a professional real estate broker company that is also featured in reality television show Selling Sunset.

She has been a real-estate agent for the past 7 years now, but she started her career in entertainment industry with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) when she first moved to LA.

When We Last Saw Her? Bachelor Season

Kate Gallivan was eliminated from the The Bachelor season 26  in the second week.

She was eliminated during the rose ceremony along with two other contestants Ency and Tessa.

Although the fans did not have much time to know Kate in the The Bachelor season 26, they will get a good glimpse of her life in the upcomming Bachelor in Paradise which is set to air from Sepetember 27, 2022 according to Distractify.

Some FAQs

Is Kate Gallivan Villain In Bachelor In Paradise?

Kate Gallivan is the villain in Bachelor in Paradise but that does not mean she is a horrible person.

What Is Kate Gallivan Age?

Kate Gallivan’s age is 33 years old as of 2022, she was born on May 12, 1989.

What Is Kate Gallivan Net Worth 2022?

Kate Gallivan’s net worth is $100,000 as of 2022, she is living a luxurious life in LA.

When Did Kate Gallivan Get Eliminated From The Bachelor Season 26?

Kate Gallivan got eliminated in week 2 of The Bachelor season 26 during a rose ceremony.