Who Is Katie Naranjo Husband Jonathan Stanich

Unfortunately, detailed information of Katie Naranjo’s husband Jonathan Stanich remains unapproachable thus far on the web.

Apart from his name, our efforts to explore potential subtleties about him came to no avail. Yet, we are still trying to discover.

Following rigorous mining on the web, we discovered that he has been working as a software engineer at Indeed.com for almost 7 years now.

Prior to working in Indeed.com, he served as a system coordinator, operations manager at Bring for almost 3 years from 2011 to 2013.

We are unaware of the details of their very first meet. The couple resides in Austin and is parents to their son Charlie.

The couple had been a talk of the town when they stirred up some controversies during Christmas in 2018 with their extraordinary decorations.

In their front yard during Christmas 2018, apparently, one could see a nativity scene depicting a baby Jesus in a cage with “ICE” written on it. 

Whereas, mother Mary and Joseph were separated from Jesus outside the cage while a quote from the Statue of Liberty was on a scroll.

The purpose behind the decorations were all in the protest of children being held back at the border and separated from their families.

Katie Naranjo Wikipedia and Biography.

Despite being a note-worthy personality, Wikipedia hasn’t landed a dedicated Wikipedia biography for Katie Naranjo to this day.

That being said, brief insights into the former Texas superdelegate can be accessed through her biography mentioned in Ballotpedia. 

A native of East Texas, she moved to Austin in 2004, she joined the University Democrats, as a freshman at the University of Texas.

During her time at the university, she worked in almost every officer position and successfully organized volunteers for a marathon of the election.

It was in 2017, the health advocate decided to pursue her further academics in Masters of Public Affairs at the Texas LBJ School.

Meet Katie Naranjo On Twitter

The democratic politician Katie Naranjo is available on Twitter under the username KatieNaranjo. She is a religious user of the stage.

Her official account has acquired a decent base, currently at over 3.5k followers. She is also dynamic across various stages including Instagram.

Although, the former superdelegate’s Instagram account remains private at the moment. Henceforth, it has restricted us from exploring more facts.