Photos: Kayla From Dave Portnoy Allegations Explained

Kayla is one of the four women who presented allegations against Dave Portnoy. Reportedly, she has hidden her identity to stay away from his loyal fans.

According to Daily Mail, Kayla confronted that her sexual encounters with Dave were violent. However, she confirmed that their lovemaking was consensual. 

On February 3, 2022, Dave sued the woman for defamation. Well, Kayla had also accused the blogger of making videotapes without her consent.

On the other hand, Portnoy claims that she was well aware that he was recording her. Moreover, he has released their texts on social media which might prove Kayla wrong.

Amongst all, Kayla claimed that one of their intercourse was so aggressive that he broke her ribs. Well, Dave had to clean her blood off his carpet.

Furthermore, he is accused of choking, slapping, and making her suffer while they were in bed. Reportedly, Kayla doesn’t want her real name to go public.

Nevertheless, her identity is known by both Dave and his attorney, Andrew Brettler. Recently, the sports-media mogul warned the woman to retract her false allegations or face liability for defamation.

Well, the screenshots he shared online show that Kayla had enjoyed the rough intercourse. Moreover, Dave claims that she used to text him often even after they hooked up.

Seemingly, the incident was five years back. Indeed, the internet celebrity is perplexed after she claims she is upset after all these years.

Learn About The Twitter Drama Between Kayla And Dave Portnoy

There has been a Twitter drama ongoing after Dave Portnoy responded to Kayla’s accusations.

Well, Dave claims that Kayla is lying that she deleted all her texts. Moreover, he has uploaded a series of screenshots of their texts confirming that she used to joke about him broking her ribs.

Undoubtedly, some netizens questioned Dave for his responses. However, he has silenced them after another tweet related to Business Insider.

Reportedly, he mentions that the news outlet could contact his advertisers and tank $penn stock. Well, he is not defending himself but protecting his company from liars and frauds.

Meet Kayla On Instagram

Kayla reached out to Dave Portnoy for the first time via Instagram. But, we are unable to track her account at this time as we are unaware of her identity.

Reportedly, she was 21 years of age when she first DMed Dave. Show Biz Corner can confirm that the two texted each other for weeks before meeting in his New York City apartment.