Kia Massie Age And Wikipedia: Everything On Gold Fever 2021 Cast

Young-aged Kia Massie, the TV personality and gold prospector he makes a fresh new announcement of her dating life. 

Kia Massie is a TV personality star who makes guest appearances in the television show Gold Fever.

Gold Fever is a family reality show hosted by Kia’s father, Tom Massie.

Although she is not an official cast of the show, she comes to the show with her father now and then.

Gold Fever: Kia Massie Age- How Old Is She?

Kia Massie’s age looks to be somewhere around 25-35, judging by photographs of Kia.

Kia is a single child of Tom Massie and Cindy Massie.

The family is very close and makes several trips across the country, mining gold and shooting television shows.

What Is Kia Massie Net Worth?

Kia Massie’s net worth is yet to be ensured.

However, her father, Tom Massie, is worth $70 million. The family is certainly wealthy as a result of the hard work of almost two decades now.

Kia Massie Wikipedia And Husband

Kia Massie, the television personality, followed in the footsteps of her father and grandfather’s work.

Gold mining and presenting it on a TV show was initially started by George Buzzard Massie. ‘Buzzard’s Prospecting Adventures’ was the first of its kind.

A couple of years later, they took the show outdoors and established the prototype of what now is Gold Fever.

Unfortunately, George passed away later in the same year. But his legacy was continued by his sons Tom and Perry Massie.

The Massie brothers took the show to the next level. The show quickly became one of the most-watched shows.

Kia is adored by the fans of the show for keeping up with her family’s tradition, and the gold mining community supports her as well.

Recently, Kia made a new addition to her family. She announced on Facebook her new boyfriend, Shaun Mike, who’s an engineer and a pilot.

They aren’t husband and wife yet. But we can hope the best for the couple’s future!.

Meet Kia Massie On Instagram

Kia Massie is not on Instagram.

But you can follow her on Facebook at @Kia Massie. Massie loves posting photos of her adventures and travel diaries.