Kodi Lee Parents Eric Lee & Tina Lee – Nationality, Is Kodi Lee adopted?

Kodi Lee Parents Eric Lee & Tina Lee – Nationality, Is Kodi Lee adopted? Father, Mother Tina Lee, Brother, Sisiter, Eric Lee Family, Ethnicity and More. After a scintillating performance in an audition, Kodi Lee made straight into the live show with a golden buzzer. Consequently, he has been crowned the season 14th champion. The story is the Season 14 of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Among the 10 most vigorous performers in the show, a blind, and autistic Kodi Lee won the biggest stage in America. Kodi Lee is a musician, pianist, and performer. Besides, he has become a famous Tv personality despite being autistic. It’s not due to his disability rather his talent. As a matter of fact, there are only around 25 people in the entire world with the same talent as Kodi. After winning the 1 million dollars and invaluable fame, he credited his family for everything. So, who are his parents and family? Is he adopted? know all the details below.

Is Kodi adopted?

As mentioned earlier, Eric and Tina Lee are both his biological parents. Therefore, there arises no question if he is adopted. Likewise, his birth was not an easy thing for the family. Kodi Lee was born with optic nerve hypoplasia. On top of that, it was unsure if he was going to survive. Surgery was performed when he was just 5 days old. Apparently, it saved him but he had no eyesight. Nonetheless, the surgery helped the world to experience the singer worth one in millions.

Kodi Lee is an American singing sensation – his nationality

Kodi Lee is the descendent as a Korean-American ethnicity. His mother Tina Lee belongs to American ethnicity. However, his father is of Korean descent. Born on July 7, 1996, the 23-year-old is originally from Tooele, Utah. As a result, he is an American by birth. Recently, he is residing with his family at Lake Elsinore, California.

Kodi Lee credits Parents Eric and Tina Lee for his success – his family

The family is an inspiration and a backbone. Similarly, Lee’s parents have also provided support to the singing sensation in the family. During the audition of the AGT season 14, Kodi Lee appeared on the stage with his mother. On the backstage were his brother, sister, and father. There was some touching moment on the stage. Before actually placing his hands on the piano, his mother Tina Lee said some words to build up his confidence. That’s how much Kodi’s parents support him. He was the dearest in the family due to his struggles in childhood. Kodi Lee was born with optic nerve hypoplasia. Likewise, he even went to surgery when he was just 5 days old. He always had problems communicating due to his ASD. In fact, music was the only thing that helped him go through the hard times according to his mother. Details about his parents are not available for now. However, claims his father is a businessman. Moreover, he has a brother Derek Lee and sister Kayla Lee. They appeared alongside Eric on the backstage of the AGT audition. Erik himself has some singing skills and posts his guitar session on Instagram. Likewise, he is an employee of In-and-Out. On the other hand, his sister Kayla is also quite a social media geek. All the siblings appear together on Kodi’s Youtube Channel.