Lande Hekt From Muncie Girls Band Releases The Album “House Without A View”

Lande Hekt, aged around 25-30 years old, is a singer best known from the band “Muncie Girls”.

Muncie Girls is a well-known British punk rock band comprised of three talented musical artists. The band was initiated in Exeter in 2010, and since then, the members have been committed to raising the band’s popularity globally.

Hekt’s voice and lyrics are both direct and relatable, which is socially aware yet often reflective.

Before going further, here are some basic information about the artist shown in the table below:

Quick Facts on Lande Hekt

Name Lande Hekt
Age 25-30 years old
Profession Guitarist and Vocalist
Band Muncie Girls
Instagram @landehekt
Twitter @Lande Hekt

Lande Hekt Age and Early Life

Lande Hekt looks like she is around 25-30 years old, judging from her outer appearance.

Hekt began playing bass when she was only 10. When she established a band with her friends, she was at the age of 17, but her interest in music has been immersed from a young age.

She grew up with her older siblings, from whom she used to borrow their CDs and enjoy music. She was in love with ska and pop-punk, and listening to certain songs made her want to be in a band.

The guitarist remembered her teenage and said Sleater-Kinney is her favorite band of all time.

Her new solo LP Going to Hell is one of her biggest accomplishments in her career, which shows her personal experiences, talking about coming out and dealing with anxiety, among other topics.

Lande Hekt Is Gradually Growing In Her Career, What’s Her Net Worth?

Lande Hekt has not revealed her exact net worth, but it might be around $1 Million.

She probably earned a satisfactory amount of money from her musical career. However, she is yet to reveal her earning details to the public.

She rose to fame being a guitarist and vocalist of a famous band, Muncie Girls, which she formed in 2010 while attending Exeter College.

Hekt released her solo EP in 2019, and with this album, she tried to be more outwardly a crazy artist. She is also talented at portraying political issues in everyday experiences and situations through the band’s music.

The artist released her debut album “Going to Hell” on January 22, 2021, via Get Better Records. The song from the album “Whiskey” received a positive response from the viewers for her bold voice.

Moreover, her dedication and commitment to her profession are pretty commendable. She will have impressive earnings in the coming days from her job.

Lande Hekt Is A guitarist And Vocalist Of Muncie Girls

An emerging artist, Lande Hekt formed Muncie Girls in 2010 with Dean McMullen.

Muncie Girls is a renowned British punk rock band made up of three members. among them, Dean McMullen works as a lead guitarist, Luke Ellis is an expert in drums, and Lande Hekt is a bass, rhythm guitarist, and vocalist of the band.

Lande and Dean made a decision to form a band while attending Exeter College. They began with performing their first gigs at the Cavern Club and later started their own shows and fundraising events.

Among the several releases of the band, From Caplan to Belsize (2016) and Fixed Ideals (2018) are the most popular among fans.

On 13 June 2018, the band introduced their second LP, Fixed Ideals, with a video for the lead single “Picture of Health.” The members who spent more time in the studio enabled Muncie Girls to try new things, and their support and cooperation throughout these years are worth praising.

Meet Lande Hekt On Instagram

Lande Hekt keeps herself updated on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram.

Her Instagram profile which goes by @landehekt, has 4445 followers, where she mostly shared snaps of herself and some related to her profession.

She captioned her bio as Musician/band, and the recent post she shared was about her new album ‘House Without a View’ which was released on 23rd September 2022.

Moving towards Twitter, she is also active on Twitter with 1,954 Followers, where she keeps her fans updated about her upcoming events, albums, and songs.

Lande Hekt House Without A View Review

“House Without A View” is the new album of the artist Lande Hekt, released on September 23, 2022.

This album was the most awaited one for her fans which received a 3.09 RYM Rating out of 5. With a total of eleven tracks of 35 minutes and 7 seconds, the album seems to be more realistic and painful.

Among them, Ground Shaking seems to fit more into the folk punk category, and the artist consistently proved that on her solo album.