Lara Logan Ex-Husband: Jason Siemon Wikipedia, Height, Wife, Wiki

Jason Siemon is a former American Basketball player who was born and raised in Iowa, USA. Siemon’s 12-year professional basketball career began in Europe, where he played in England, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, & France. Hе returned tо America upon retirement аnd joined BlueStar Energy.

He is the ex-husband of South African television, radio journalist, and war correspondent, Lara Logan

Jason Siemon Wikipedia

Jason Siemon does not have a Wikipedia page yet.

Jason Siemon Height

Siemon has an incredible height for a former basketball player; he is 6’9” tall.

Jason Siemon Wife

Siemon and Lara got married in 1998 but divorced nine years later. He later married Chicago’s Resurrection College of Nursing graduate Carolyn Holden whom he met at Moda Club, Chicago in July 2008. Carolyn became his wife on August 31, 2013.

Jason Siemon Wiki

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