Las Vegas Raiders Henry Ruggs Accident Linked To Tina Tintor’s Death By Burning

Henry Ruggs is a former American footballer who caused a car crash that killed 23-year-old Tina Tintor.

He participated on the Alabama squad that won the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship while playing college football there.

The Las Vegas Raiders made Ruggs their first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Las Vegas Raiders: Henry Ruggs Accident

On November 2, 2021, Henry Ruggs, a former wide receiver with the Las Vegas Raiders, was involved in a car accident.

Tina Tintor, a 23-year-old woman who was not at fault in the collision, died. The incident occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the most well-known cities in the country.

Then 22-year-old Ruggs was charged with causing the predawn collision by traveling up to 156 mph with his girlfriend on his Corvette sports car while drunk before colliding with Tina’s Toyota RAV4 in a suburb where the speed limit is 45 mph.

Ruggs and his girlfriend, Rudy Washington, were spotted drinking at a Topgolf facility in Las Vegas many hours before the incident.

They departed in his Chevrolet Corvette Stingray after midnight. After then, at around 3:39 a.m. PT, the police reported that Ruggs was traveling at a speed of 156 mph (251 km/h).

According to authorities, he tried to slow down as he came up behind Tintor’s Toyota RAV4 but plowed into it at a speed of 120 mph (190 kph).

The Clark County Coroner found that Tintor and her dog perished from burns as her car caught fire after the incident.

According to the prosecution, Ruggs’ blood was drawn within two hours, and when it was, his alcohol level was.161, more than twice the legal limit.

The American football player also allegedly had an illegal handgun in his possession.

Ruggs and Rudy were brought with non-life-threatening wounds to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (UMCSN).

After the deadly collision in Las Vegas at around 3.39 am on Tuesday, Ruggs was observed walking around with a neck brace and a face mask.

According to a local newspaper, Judge Joe Bonaventure claimed that Ruggs’ alleged speed of 156 mph during the appearance was the most significant pace he had ever heard in his time as a judge.

The most significant level of electronic monitoring was used when Ruggs was released on bond, which the judge set at $150,000. The celebrity will have to refrain from using alcohol and other illegal drugs.

In addition, The judge made him stop driving and give up his passport.

Tina Tintor Burned To Death – Who Was She?

The woman who perished from burns after Raiders player Henry Ruggs III allegedly hit her car while intoxicated has been identified as TINA Tintor.

Tina Tintor, 23 years old, was declared dead on the spot. Around 3.39 am on Tuesday, police in Las Vegas responded to the collision.

Early on Tuesday, Tintor was traveling to her family’s house when Ruggs’ accelerating Chevrolet Corvette Stingray plowed into the back of her Toyota RAV4, setting it ablaze, according to authorities.

After the collision, Tina’s Toyota Rav4 caught fire and skidded more than 570 feet before coming to a rest a few blocks from her house. Alexander Hart, a spectator standing as a security guard at a condominium nearby, reportedly ran to assist.

When he came, the Toyota was emitting screams. He told the police that Tina was still alive, but he could not free her since she was trapped inside the SUV.

According to the report, the Toyota “was soon engulfed by smoke and heat from fires,” and Hart was forced to retreat. Also lost was Tina’s dog, who was in the back seat.

According to a statement from the coroner of Clark County, Melanie Rouse, Tina Tintor, 23, of Las Vegas, “died from thermal injuries resulting from a motor vehicle collision on Nov. 2.”

According to the statement, “Other serious conditions contributing to her death were inhalation of combustion products, fractures of the nasal bones, right-sided ribs, left forearm, and (chest). Her death was termed accidental.”

Tina Tintor’s Family And Friends Mourn Tina’s Death

The death of 23-year-old Tina Tintor devasted her family members.

Tina’s terrible death has left her family in an unimaginable state of anguish, according to a statement from the family’s lawyer, Farhan Naqvi. The family was vital to Tina, and she was her parents’ source of joy.

Tinas’ family was also there in court, and Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson claimed to have met them for the first time.

They are destroyed, he said. “They are mourning their loss since this collision was horrific. They are in mourning. They’re furious.”

Tina’s close pal remarked to The Sun: “She and I last spoke a month ago. I recognized her when I saw her in the Summerlin neighborhood and said hello. She and I have been close friends since our sophomore year of high school. It breaks your heart. It’s unbelievable.”