LAUTECH Logo: Image, Description & Meaning

LAUTECH was established in 1988 following the request by the Governing Council of the Polytechnic Ibadan.

The governor at that time set up a committee in 1988 which recommended the creation of the university.

In 1990, the Federal Military Government accepted the state’s request which led to the establishment of the Oyo State University of Technology on the 23rd of April 1990.

The first vice-Chancellor of the University was Professor Olusegun Ladimeji Oke while Bashorun M.K.O Abiola as the first Chancellor of the university.

The inaugural academic session began on the 19th of October, 1990 with a total of 436 candidates.

These students were enrolled in four faculties: Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Management Sciences, and Pure and Applied Sciences.

A year later, a College of Health Sciences was established. The name of the university was eventually changed to Ladoke Akintola University of Technology after the separation of Osun State from Oyo State. Ladoke Akintola was a Nigerian politician and lawyer. He was born in Ogbomosho in the then Western Region.


Currently, the university enrolls nearly 20,000 students in six faculties and a college. In 2004, the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) rated LAUTECH as the best state university in Nigeria.

The main campus of the University is in Ogbomosho. This campus is the site of the university’s administration, as well as home to five faculties and the post-graduate school.

Over the years, the ownership of LAUTECH has always been a source of conflict between Oyo State and Osun State especially after Osun State acquired her own university.


Currently, the Oyo State wants to transfer full ownership of the University but the Osun State hasn’t been in agreement with this arrangement.

As a result, the school is still being controlled by the government of Oyo and Osun states.

The school has a main campus which is located at Ogbomoso North Local Government, Ogbomoso, Oyo.

The vision of the university is to be a centre of academic excellence and a training ground for productive, self employable, self-sustaining and self reliant individuals passing through it; and to combine the ideas of excellence in learning and research with a large dose of pratical application in development.

And the mission of the school is to work towards the social, cultural and technological needs of the funding states i.e Osun and Oyo, in particular and Nigeria in general.

Currently, the university runs three academic programmes: pre-degree science programme, undergraduate programmes and post-graduate programmes. The entire student body population is presently about 20,000. The university has two campuses: ogbomoso and osogbo campuses and is currently made up of six faculties and a college.

The Ogbomoso campus comprises five faculties and the Post-graduate school which include the faculties of pure and applied science, medicine, agriculture, engineering and technology, environmental science.

The Osogbo campus houses the College of Health Sciences which is made up of the various departments and students in the field of medicine and surgery, medical laboratory technology and Nursing Sciences