Learn How To Tie Gele: Download This App

For those of you learning how to tie gele in Nigeria

Every season, there’s a set of IT items that take over the fashion scene but for the gele trend every season comes with a different style. As far as the owambe business keeps blossoming, creatives would find a new and refreshing way to turn the traditional ceremonial head gear aka Gele into something that would cause a frenzy.

Every fashion girl knows that she needs to be kept abreast of every latest trend, whether you cherry pick or not is not the issue here, the point is the fact that you need to know what’s happening so you wouldn’t be left outside the loop.

The whole of last year saw all kinds of styles, from the dual colored gele combo to the avant garde (orente gele) and we rounded up the year with the Infinity pleat gele style. This gele style took a lot of fashion lovers unawares but not in a bad way, once they got with the program, fashion girls caught on with the latest gele trend and were seen spotting it at owambe’s.

So, the team at Madivas sat down and came up with a better way to update our ardent readers and voila! The Madivas Gele App was born. Now you can get alerts on not only the latest gele style but gele style inspirations, trends, designs and tutorials.

You don’t have to wait so long anymore now that you have an App to provide you inspirations on all you need, life would be a lot easier. Oni gele yi o, skentele! Skontolo!! Oya!