Logan Long Car Accident

Rumours have ravaged the social media space, following the death of American porn actor, Logan Long.

Long has been rumoured to have died from a fatal car crash in California, but this seems to be untrue.

Confirmed reports have shown that Long passed away in a Los Angeles hospital, after a suffering from Pneumonia.

Medical reports indicate that his air sac had been saturated with fluid, and caused him breathing difficulty. The condition was as a result of possible bacteria infection.

He had been battling with the illness for a long time before his death.

Long was born on February 7, 1988. He starred in the movie “No Ordinary Love”.

Long was a popular face on adult movie screens. He worked for popular studios such as Naugthy America, Brazzers and Band Bros.

Long began his entertainment career journey six years ago with a belief that it was the right profession for him. Before then, he dared as an entrepreneur, running two businesses.

The news of his demise hit the internet and fans across United States took to social media to pay tributes to the adult entertainer.

Logan Long had been famous in the adult entertainment industry for some time now and has won alot of credits from critics.