Maïmouna Gueye

Maïmouna Gueye is a TV actress, movie actress, author, and director from France. Gueye started her acting career in the year 2003 with the movie Gomez and Tavarès and after that she did Tourists? Oh yes! movies which were appreciated by a huge audience. The actress has done over 8 movies as of August 2020. 

Quick Facts: Maïmouna Gueye

Name Maïmouna Gueye
Age 25-30 years old
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 5 inches (Approx)
Nationality French
Ethnicity black
Profession Actress
Divorce yes

After working in the movie industry for over 5 years, she stepped into the TV industry with the TV series named The world is small. We all know this acting industry is flooded but she managed to gain huge exposure in this industry. Maïmouna Gueye belonging to the black ethnic group earned both named and fame being in this acting industry. The latest work of Maïmouna Gueye can be seen in the movie Cuties released in the year 2020.

10 Facts on Maïmouna Gueye

  1. Maïmouna Gueye is an actress having dual citizenship in Senegal and France who is very dedicated and interested in this acting industry.
  2. By taking a closer look at her work and her marital status, we can clearly say that she must be around 35 years of age.
  3. The first TV series that Maïmouna got to work with is The world is small which is by Régis Musset.
  4. Some of the amazing work done by Maïmouna is Is there any ham left?,  The order of physicians, he already has your eyes. The world is small and much more.
  5. Talking about the theater career of the star, she stepped in this industry with Memories of the lady in black which was by herself.
  6. 1998 was the year when Maïmouna married Frenchman and moved to France to live together.
  7. After completing her studies and as she faced racism, she did divorce with the Frenchman.
  8. The actress has not disclosed any information regarding her boyfriends to the public and has kept her mouth short in this matter.
  9. In the year 2004, Maïmouna Gueye got to act the main female role in the movie Tourists? Oh yes!  movie by Jean-Pierre Mocky.
  10. Before marrying Frenchmen her original nationality was Senegalese.