Maliah Michel Biography – Everything You Need To Know

This baby-faced beauty is far from the newbie you think she is. Maliah Michel is one of America’s finest adult performers, hip hop models, and strippers. Known for her exceptionally alluring body features, Michel is popular for rolling with A-class musicians and celebrities in the United States. Although there are hardly any details chronicling her meteoric rise to fame, we care more about just how much following she’s gained over time.

Her sultry dance moves have made her the fixture of many up and coming model and strippers, especially those who have a thing to do with music. So far, she has appeared as a video vixen in popular videos by the likes of Drake, Pit Bull, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Lloyd, Neyo, Sean Kingston, to mention but a few. Let’s tell you more about this stunning figure including her romantic involvement with Drake. Shall we?

Maliah Michel’s Biography

Although originally from Houston, Texas, Maliah Michel was born in Los Angeles on December 10, 1983; to a low-income African-American family. Although we have no details about her childhood, education, parents or what they did for a living, we’re, however, aware of her sibling. How did we know? In a sit-down interview, Michel mentioned how she once lived with her sister and her kids in a one-bedroom apartment before heading out to pursue her career as a stripper. Asides that, we have no tabs on her high school education or her degree choice in college.

It all started in 1998 when an eighteen-year-old Maliah Michel strolled into a strip club and saw the magic some talented ladies were doing with their bodies. From that point on, the youngster decided she would be that flexible in mind and in body and make a name for herself in the burgeoning industry. As a teenager, young Michel was more than determined to make it big in this industry. And with much hard work and a stroke of fate, she landed her first gig at a popular black club back in Beverly Hills. Although it wasn’t all great and rosy at the time, the young girl did manage to make up to $500 a night.

Several years and many dances later, young Michel found herself as the shining girl in the music videos of some of America’s most celebrated stars, including; Drake, Loyd, fabulous, Pit Bull, Drake, Neyo, Busta Rhymes, Sean Kingston and the like. With a growing popularity, she soon began to feature in widely-read magazines such as King Magazine, XXL and Smooth Magazine.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

1. Net Worth

For Maliah Michel, it’s been a nice ride from, stripper, video vixen, entrepreneur, and fashion model. As of 2019, sources reveal her actual net worth to be around $300,000. Much of which have come from her two-decade-old career. However, we have no tabs as to what she earns annually, but we know its way higher than the $500/night scale.

2. Romantic Fling with Drake

Asides her status as an Instagram goddess, Maliah Michel is perhaps more popular for her relationship with American rapper Drake. The two first met at a Houston-based strip club (Dreams) back in 2010. After watching her perform for that night, what followed was a burning interest in her and her incredible talent. In the months that followed, she was flown to Jamaica to feature in his music video, Find Your Love; as the lead dancer. According to her interview, Michel couldn’t believe her ears when she heard about Drake’s interest in her. After the shooting their first video—in which they shared their first kiss—the duo became “certified” lovers. In Michel’s words, although the kiss wasn’t planned, a romantic spur overwhelmed them both, prompting a passionate kiss right on the scene.

Till date the circumstances leading to their eventual breakup is still shrouded in doubts , however, Michel accused Drake of trying to influence her to stop her stripper-career according to her, she decides when to retire, and no one will tell her when to.

3. Maliah Michel’s Body Measurement

As per her hot-body status, Michel isn’t giving in to age. She has a stunning hourglass shape that puts her body measurements at 34-26-44 inches—for her bust, waist, and hips. Michel stands ‎5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m) tall and weighs 62 kg. She has black hair and dark-brown eyes. She also wears a shoe size of 8 ½ (US). As of this writing, we have no tabs on her bra and dress sizes.

4. Social Media Following

Maliah Michel is quite active on social media. Especially on Instagram where she’s garnered over 1.4m followers. She also operates a Twitter account with over 111k followers. Her Facebook page has over 250k followers and her YouTube channel has over 10k subscribers.