Marcelo Montoya Homophobic Comments – What Did He Say To Kyle Feldt?

Warriors winger Marcelo Montoya received four games suspension for using homophobic comments to Kyle Feldt. What did he say?

The phenomenal winger Marcelo Montoya plays for the New Zealand Warriors in the NRL. Also, he plays for the Fiji International event.

For three years, Marcelo played for the Canterbury Bulldogs. He was signed by the Bulldogs in 2017 and progressed throughout the season with the team. He played in 54 games and scored 76 points.

The Warriors star Marcelo received a four-matches suspension from the NRL Judiciary for using a derogatory comment in round 5 of the 2022 NRL season against North Queensland, reported NZ Herald. Let us find out what did he say during the match?

Marcelo Montoya Sidelined For Homophobic Comment In April 2022

Marcelo Montoya received a suspension for using a homophobic remark during the game against North Queensland on Friday.

As per the reports, The Warrior Team won the game that night, and he was over the moon.

Daily Mail stated that the played Marcelo yelled Get up Kyle, you Fa***t, during the Warriors’ 25-24 win on Friday. His video was circulated in several news tabloids.

The 26year-old Marcelo is no longer available in four matches for nearly four weeks. Whatsoever, he pleaded guilty after the NFL judiciary decision of suspension.

What Marcelo Montoya Said To Kyle Feldt?

Marcelo Montoya used the offending slur ‘f****t’ after winning the game against Queensland Boys to Kyle on Friday night. The player Kyle is a renowned Australian rugby player.

After the game, Marcelo telephoned coach Nathan Brown and confessed he used the term on Saturday before the Warriors released a statement.

On Tuesday night, the NRL judiciary announced the news of suspension news since the use of derogatory terms is unacceptable.

Did Marcelo Montoya Apologise?

Yes, Marcelo Montoya apologized and said he was not a homophobe. He pleaded guilty and said sorry to Kyle Feldt and the gay community.

He is remorseful for his action. People learn from their mistakes.

Marcelo assured the fans that this kind of hatred won’t ever happen again at last. In a nutshell, Marcelo will return for sure after four weeks and will continue his game.