Maria Butina Husband: Is She Married?

Maris Butina is often regarded to have a husband and have a married life by many people.

However, she has not shared any details about her married life with the public and media yet. Her social accounts also do not have the info of her marital status.

So, we can say that Maria is not married at the moment and does not have a husband. Likewise, there are no details of her past marital status. 

Speaking of her past relationships, she had a popular affair with Paul Erikson, a South Dakota-born booster of the GOP.

Meet Maria Butina Boyfriend Alexander Torshin

Maria Butina shared a love relationship with her boyfriend, Alexander Torshin somewhere around 2015.

Then-Russian central banker Alexander Torshin accompanied his protégée, Maria, to meetings with senior officials and even requested another meeting with the Fed’s then-chairman.

Torshin and Butina used their passion for gun rights to develop ties between the Russian government and powerful Americans.

Torshin was sanctioned by the US government in 2018 after months of investigations and news regarding Russia’s influence campaign against the US.

Is Maria Butina Russian Spy?

Maria Butina is often considered to be a Russian Spy by the United States’s media and public.

Butina was detained in Washington on July 15, 2018, and charged with operating as an agent of a foreign government in the United States, especially the Russian Federation.

Rather than confronting her right away, the FBI decided to follow her about and gather information on who she was meeting and what her ultimate aims were.

Butina pleaded not guilty on July 18, and a District Court judge ordered her to be held in custody pending her trial. In addition, she was believed to be assisting in a federal fraud probe in South Dakota.

How Old And Tall Is Maria Butina?

Speaking more about Maria Butina, she is 33 years old as of now and looks pretty tall in height.

Butina was born in the Siberian city of Barnaul, Altai Krai, on November 10, 1988, some 210 miles (340 kilometers) east of the current Kazakhstan–Russia border.

Furthermore, she must have made a good net worth from her profession and long career in politics. Her net worth might be in millions of dollars.