Massimiliano Lenzi Wikipedia And Biography Reveal

Massimiliano Lenzi does not have a Wikipedia profile. However, other Spanish news portals have covered his bio. He is a television author, journalist, and writer. Who contributes to the Italian publication Il Tempo.

He worked alongside Michele Santoro on “Annozero” (Rai2) and “Servizio Pubblico” (La7), Giuliano Ferrara on “Otto e mezzo” (La7), Luca Telese and Luisella Costamagna on “On air” (La7), and Nicola Porro on “virus” (Rai2).

On TgCom 24, he wrote and hosted the “Shampoo for All” program (Mediaset).

He is one of the authors of “# 308, the 6 Days That Changed Italy,” a Sky-produced instant documentary about the fall of Silvio Berlusconi’s government in 2011.

Among his works are The Vases of the Soul (Pacini, 1998), there is a Place for You (Vallecchi, 2009), an essay on television with a preface by Carlo Freccero, and I cursed (vallecchi, with other authors).

He was awarded the Lerici Pea, a special prize for poetry, in 2000.

Journalist, television author, poet, but most importantly, a failed actor, cause life has a habit of throwing us for a loop.

He writes for “La Ragione” and has authored several interesting books, the most recent of which are titled “Shining Italia, Freedom Against Fear” and are about the virus and politics.

The remainder is stillness, as Shakespeare predicted.

Massimiliano Lenzi Age: How Old Is He?

As per a website in Spanish, Massimiliano Lenzi’s age is 49 years old. He was born on September 29th, 1972. However, he does not look like he is 49 because he maintains himself. 

His parent’s details are not available on the internet as of now. 

Also, nothing about his marital life or children is known to the world. 

Massimiliano Lenzi Net Worth Explored

Massimiliano Lenzi’s net worth has been growing significantly in 2021. However, it is yet to be revealed. As per our estimation, he is worth $789 thousand. 

However, Being a journalist, on top of that, being a top journalist is not an easy task.  Journalists put themselves in danger regularly, especially when reporting in countries where there is armed conflict or where press freedom is curtailed.