Who Is Mike Rittenhouse Wife: Wendy 

Mike Rittenhouse’s wife, Wendy Lewis, is a white woman from Antioch, Illinois, who lives in Antioch Township, Lake County. She is a supporter of law enforcement.

Lewis has lived in Lake Villa, Grayslake, Zion, Wellston, Highland Park, Libertyville, and Waukegan, among other places in Illinois. She has also lived in Wellston, Michigan, in the United States.

Mike Rittenhouse and she married in Lake County, Illinois, in February 2000.

Kyle Rittenhouse was born in January of 2003.

Kyle Rittenhouse Father Mike

Mike, Kyle Rittenhouse’s father, was charged with domestic assault in 2007 after allegedly hitting her in the stomach. He rejected the charge. The charges against him were dropped.

Mike and Wendy eventually divorced.

Wendy stayed in Illinois with her children after the divorce, while Mile relocated to Kenosha.

She was a single mother who worked as a certified nurse assistant while raising her children. She filed a civil petition in 2014, asking Mike for child support.

Wendy Rittenhouse Net Worth

Take a look at Wendy Rittenhouse’s current net worth, income, and salary for the year 2021.

Wendy Rittenhouse’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million (Approx.)

Kyle shot the protesters who were shooting at Jacob Blake’s Black Lives Matter protest.

The authorities are also investigating wendy Rittenhouse. It’s unclear whether she dropped her son on the day of the incident.

Kyle Rittenhouse shot two Demonstrators. The two victims of the Kenosha protest are Anthony Huber and Joseph D Rosenbaum.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s father has tried to reconnect with his estranged family in recent years but has so far stayed aside from his son’s sensational trial.

According to Kyle’s lawyer, the kid went to see his father on the night of the shooting.