Meet Yolanda Kettle Boyfriend Patrick Campbell: Dating Life & Relationship Details Of The Persuasion Actress

Yolanda Kettle is a famous British actress best known for her role as Camilla Fry in The Crown in 2017.

Yolanda also played the role of Dolly Wilcox in Howards End in 2017 and Joy Pelling in the political drama in Roadkill in 2020. He is also a postgraduate of the National Youth Theater.

Kettle’s first major role on stage was as Nina in Anton Chekov’s The Seagull in 2011. She is also famed for the role of Dolly Wilcox in Howards End in 2017. Besides, she also joined the cast of the Netflix series in the film Persuasion.

Who Is Yolanda Kettle’s Boyfriend Patrick Campell?

The prominent TV star lives with her boyfriend Patrick happily in Hackney.

Partick is the manager of Trullo restaurant in Islington. However, people have dought that if he exists or not. But Yolanda proudly says that he exists.

Moreover, the TV personality explains and praises her boyfriend, who looks like a bit of Paul Smith and Oliver Sweeney. In addition, she is very fond of her boyfriend as she keeps on praising him.

Also, Kettle is deeply in love with him, so she finds him more tidy and intelligent than her.

Yolanda Kettle and Patrick Campell Dating Life And Relationship

Yolanda and Patrick share an outstanding bond and seem like they are very supportive of each other.

The fashion icon feels lucky to be his girlfriend and claims he dresses better than her, cooks better than her, and is very tidy. The couple sounds like they are in a committed relationship.

Yolanda explained their pair as the most romantic pair, and they are having a fun and happy dating life. She also mentioned that she plans to change the wardrobe with a mix of vintage, blue suede shoes and leopard prints for a rainy day.

This shows that the duo is deeply loved and committed to each other.

Yolanda Kettle And Patrick Campell Age Gap

Yolanda was born in 1988 in Birmingham, England, and is 34 years old as of 2022.

However, Partick Campell’s date of birth is not revealed by Yolanda on any online portal. So it is difficult to assume the age gap between the couple.

Even both of them have never mentioned his birthdays on their Instagram profile.

Yolanda And Her Boyfriend Net Worth

Yolanda has most of her earnings from her acting career as her primary job is acting.

The social media influencer has a net worth of approximately $1-5 million. She is talented and works for Hollywood movies, Television series, and dramas.

Yolanda was also the cast of The Crown in series 2, where she depicted the role of Camilla Fry, the wife of chocolate Entrepreneur Jeremy Fry.

Besides acting, Yolanda earns her income from collaborations with different brands and sponsored videos and ads.

In contrast, the net worth of her boyfriend is not mentioned in any online sources and is not even stated by her.