Michaela Belen Height: How Tall Is Volleyball Player Michaela Belen?

Michaela Belen is a volleyball player.

Belen has played for;

  1. NU Lady BulldogsPhilippines 2021/22 – 2021/22
  2. Rebisco-PhilippinesPhilippines
    2020/21 – 2020/21
  3. BaliPure Purest Water DefendersPhilippines
    2017/18 – 2017/18

Michaela Belen Height

Michaela Belen is of more average height? How tall is volleyball player Michaela Belen? What is volleyball player Michaela Belen height? Belen has a height of 1.72m.

What is Michaela Belen nationality? Though a lot of Belen’s details regarding her family is not available at the moment, it is widely known that Belen is from the Philippines. The Philippines is also her place of birth.

What is Michaela Belen position? Belen plays as a Outside Hitter.

What is Michaela Belen dominant hand? Belen’s dominant hand is her right hand.

What is Michaela Belen weight? Belen’s weight is 67kg.

What is Michaela Belen date of birth? Belen was born on 29th June 2002. What is Michaela Belen age? As of 2022, Belen is 22 years old.

Belen is a rising volleyball star and it’s just a matter of time that she becomes a global volleyball star.