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Anne Diamond is supposedly single now and has been separated to Mike Hollingsworth in 1999. She has likewise turned out already for BBC London, Loose Women, and is a customary author for the Daily Mail.

Beginning around 2003 Diamond has shown up on Channel 5’s effective conversation show The Wright Stuff and its replacement, Jeremy Vine. Mike Hollingsworth Wikipedia makes them interest subtleties that include his set of experiences about the equal world as his ex Anne Diamond.

The historical backdrop of losing a kid and various undertakings with more youthful lady friends than his girl pulled in individuals to look into his own life.

As per the different sources, Mike Hollingsworth has a place with the TV and radio telecom world. Mike and Anne chose to make a family when they were first presented through the Journalism world.

Simultaneously, there isn’t a lot of relationship disturbance on Anne Diamond side. She is accounted for to be single and chipping away at different tasks making the acclaim.

Jewel started her telecom vocation with BBC West in the UK prior to moving to another station, TV Today, as a columnist and newsreader in 1979.

In the wake of moving to ATV, the news station became Central Television in 1982, where she was matched up with Nick Owen.

The dispatch of the Nottingham-based ATV administration was at first deferred for a month however at that point broadened endlessly. With the questions continuing, Diamond left to ITN prior to rejoining the BBC, turning into a journalist on the daily program Nationwide, and being a moderator on the BBC News After Noon.

Anne Diamond left TV-am in 1990 to work all day on TV Weekly, first created by TVS and later by Topical Television, which Anne had introduced beginning around 1989.

Jewel was rejoined with Nick Owen to introduce the BBC daytime show Good Morning with Anne and Nick, running four years against ITV’s This Morning from 1992 till 1996.

Mike Hollingsworth And Anne brought five kids together up in ten years of marriage. Be that as it may, the two of them need to go through obliterating times when they lose their child Sebastian.

In 1991, following the demise of her third child Sebastian, Diamond effectively lobbied for investigation into bunk passing. The mission, which she helped to establish, has cut the frequency of bunk passing in the UK from 2,000 every year to around 300.

Mike Hollingsworth real total assets isn’t uncovered, yet as an individual identified with media and Journalism, he should have hoards somewhere near $1-2 million