Missing: Who Are Jelani Day Parents? Mother Appeals For Help

Jelani Day Parents are feeling hopeless to find their missing child. People are raising funds for the case.

Gabby, the missing girl has been dominating the news in recent days. This has made the difficult of Jelani Day even more difficult.

Gabby Petito who has disappeared for two days is deaccelerating the case of 27 days missing, Jelani.

The series of missing cases have highlighted the preferential system that still continues to root deep down in America.

Jelani Day Parents – His Mother and Father

Jelani Day Parents wants their son to get more attention from the public. People in Reddit plans to gather in Bloomington for a rally this Saturday.

His father and family are asking for more assistance through the GoFundMe page. They have offered $25,000 as a reward to the help finding their missing son.

Day’s mother is asking for help from people of her community to help accelerate the search to find Day. The missing case of the white girl is getting more resources than her son.

The missing boy, Day is a person of black color. He was last seen on 24th August.

Mr. Day was attending an event at Bone Student Center in Bloomington before he went missing on Friday. While his car was found parked in the Woods near Illinois Valley YCMA. The forest is where his 2019 Chrysler 300 was seen is located almost 60 miles north of Bloomington.

The search has been going on for the last four weeks.

Jelani was a graduate student at Illinois State University. He was pursuing his education in Pathology and get a speed in his career.

Reddit: Jelani Day Went Missing Aged 25

Jelani Day has gone missing at the young age of 25 years old. He possesses brown-colored eyes.

He stands tall at a noticeable height of 6 ft 2 inches and weighs 180 pounds before his disappearance.

Jelani had his hair shaved the last time he was seen

His classmates and faculty members are concerned about his long disappearance. They are trying to spread the information on him as deep as possible.

Was Jelani Day Found?

Jelani Day has still not been found even after a month of his disappearance. People have gathered to pray for his safety and return.

But an unknown body was discovered in the Illinois river by Pantagraph. It will reportedly take a week to identify the body.

We send prayers to Jelani and his family.