MLC Anantha Uday Babu Arrested For Driver’s Murder, YSRCP Leader Charges and Photos

MLC Anantha Uday Babu has been arrested for killing his driver Veedhi Subramanyam. He was apprehended two days back.

An investigation has been opened for the murder of YSRCP MLC Ananta Uday Bhaskar’s driver Veedhi Subramanyam.

The complaint was filed after Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy sought an independent investigation into his death.

Who Is MLC Anantha Uday Babu? Insights On His Wikipedia And Family

MLC Anantha Uday Babu was arrested on the charges of killing his driver. Anantha’s wife, Aparna Uday Babu, told the media that she was being harassed in the name of an investigation. 

The entire family has been put under investigation scrutiny. According to the family, driver Subrahmanyam was called by MLC Ananta babu on Thursday at 9.30 p.m.

On Friday, May 20, at 2 a.m., the MLC handed over his remains to his family. Furthermore, as per the deceased family, Ananta Babu told them he died in a car accident.

CM Jagan directed that the case be thoroughly investigated and that the guilty be arrested.

Moreover, the chief minister said, “Don’t spare anyone,” the CM urged the officials, “sift through the situation and guarantee the guilty are brought to justice.”

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YSRCP Leader Arrested For Driver’s Murder

YSTCP leader Anantha Uday Babu was arrested for killing his former driver Veedhi Subramanyam. It has been found that Veedhi had quit his job as a driver five months ago. 

The family members say that Subramanyam had taken a loan of Rs 20,000 from Anantha Babu. 

Veedhi agreed to pay back the loan at five thousand per month. 

According to a Telegu newspaper, MLC Ananthababu threatened and warned that dire consequences would be if the money were not given. 

The driver’s death on the spot raises many suspicions. Parents and family members allege financial transactions caused the murder. 

Veedhi was killed at night, and his body was brought to his family, stating that he died in a road accident.

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Anantha Uday Babu’s Net Worth

Anantha Uday Babu net worth is estimated at ₹5 Crore. He had a lavish life living with his wife and children and possessed multiple homes in the town. 

The killing occurred due to a small financial transaction between the driver and the YSRCP leader. Many speculate that there might be other reasons behind his death. 

In this case, Kakinada SP Ravindranath Babu directed officers to arrest MLC Ananta Babu.

“The police have done a post-mortem, and the case would be recorded under section 302 from earlier section 174,” SP Ravindranath Babu said during a press conference.

According to the SP, the inquiry has been delayed since the youth’s family did not provide their inquest statement until Saturday evening.