Murder in the Big Apple on ID: What happened to Amy Watkins?

Amy Watkins, a College of Kansas graduate and social laborer, seeking after her graduate degree at Manhattan’s Tracker School of Social Work, was violently cut in the road while strolling back home in Walk 1999. Watkins was articulated dead at a medical clinic about an hour after the fact. Indications of battle at the crime location proposed that she was killed during a messed up thievery.

North of a year after the fact, specialists captured a man named David Jamison after getting two essential tips – one after his brother’s capture and a second on the Wrongdoing Plugs hotline. Jamison at last admitted and named two accessories in the wrongdoing, Felix Rodriguez and Pierre Antoine. He said that they endeavored to ransack her for insignificant money when she incidentally maneuvered into the blade.

Walk 8, 1999 – Amy Watkins, a 26-year-old social laborer from Kansas who worked with battered ladies in the Bronx, is cut to excess in a bungled burglary close to her home in Prospect Levels, Brooklyn. Her two aggressors are condemned to 25 years to life in jail.
Purportedly, Jamison and Rodriguez were found liable on independent charges while Antoine never had to deal with any penalties and was ousted to Haiti following his capture.

Murder in the Big Apple will narrative Amy Watkins’ many years old homicide during a bungled robbery in an episode named More bizarre Risk. The rundown states:

“Amy Watkins migrates to Brooklyn, N.Y., from provincial Kansas to seek after a graduate degree in friendly work; as she adapts to the colossal city, Amy’s believing nature comes up short on feeling of hazard until the grievous day when peril runs squarely into her.”
The impending episode airs on ID this Thursday, May 25, at 10:00 pm ET.

Amy Watkins was getting back with regular food items when she was cut in the walkway in a messed up burglary

Born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, by her dad and stepmother, Amy Watkins moved on from the College of Kansas in 1996 and moved to New York City the next year to seek after her graduate degree at the Tracker School of Social Work in Manhattan.

In New York City, Watkins dwelled in a Possibility Levels loft and functioned as a social laborer understudy at the Bronx Public venue, guiding casualties of abusive behavior at home, when she was gone after while heading back home late one night on Walk 8, 1999.

The 26-year-old was heading back home from the tram with various staple packs when individuals around the region heard her shouts at some point before 10:00 pm. She was then found lying in a pool of blood on the walkway with a cutting blade actually held up in her back.

Watkins was taken to the clinic direly, however was accordingly announced dead. A post-mortem examination proclaimed that had been lethally wounded with a 10-inch blade, which stalled out in her ribs and punctured her lungs.

Back at the crime location, specialists found numerous indications of battle and every one of her regular food items spread around, prompting a hypothesis that she was gone after during a bombed burglary. An absence of physical proof, observers, expected suspects, and different leads additionally deferred the examination.

With little advancement, policing their biggest leap forward in May 2000 when they captured 37-year-old Geneva Jamison regarding two bodega burglaries. Following this, a source let the investigators know that somebody who realized Geneva was heard discussing Amy Watkins’ homicide.

The tip drove them to Geneva’s 27-year-old brother, David Jamison, who worked at a vehicle wash and had a crook record, including burglary and medication ownership cases. A second surprising and unknown tip was gotten through the Wrongdoing Plugs hotline, in which somebody claimed David Jamison’s contribution in a similar wrongdoing.

In August 2000, Jamison was captured from his loft where he lived with his better half and girl. In the long run, he admitted to killing Watkins and named two different assistants, Felix Rodriguez, 20, and Pierre Antoine, 26.

As per David Jamison’s admission, the three burglars were in a café close to Amy Watkins’ home the evening of Walk 8, 1999, and recognized her strolling by with her basic food item sacks. The threesome chose to loot the 26-year-old accepting she was an obvious objective since she was separated from everyone else at that point.

They then, at that point, followed her on the walkway and got up to speed to her, and Jamison attempted to pull Watkins’ satchel while pointing a blade at her, however she inadvertently strolled into the blade and began dying. After this, they snatched her satchel with $8 inside and ran away from the area. Rodriguez and Antoine were likewise before long captured.

David Jamison and Felix Rodriguez were both sentenced for second-degree murder in Amy Watkins’ cutting passing while Pierre Antoine emerged unscathed because of an absence of proof against him and was extradited to Haiti following his capture.

ID’s Homicide in the Big Apple will additionally dive into Amy Watkins’ cutting demise from 1999 this Thursday.