“My Mum Got Pregnant When She Was 24.”-Sheggz Shares Family Background Story With Bella

The connection between Big Brother Naija’s “level 1” housemates, Sheggz and Bella, is by all accounts getting more fascinating continuously.

A couple of moments back, the camera caught the team having a sincere conversation in the parlor while sitting on a couch. During the discussion, Sheggz uncovered a few things about his family foundation that made him close to home. He expressed that her mum got pregnant at age 24 while dating his father.

They were sweethearts during their college days and the pregnancy incited them to get hitched. At the point when Bella saw his difference in temperament and sorrowful eyes, she immediately assisted him with moving past the profound perspective by clearing off a portion of the tears and dropping mitigating words.

Sheggz said, “My mum got pregnant when she was 24, and afterward my father wedded her. They were closest companions at the college.”

Sheggz additionally related how hard his folks attempted to bring them up in England no matter what the high living expense in the country.