Nat Eddleston Accident Details: What Happened To Gogglebox Ellie Warner’s Boyfriend?

Gogglebox cast, Ellie Warner’s boyfriend, Nat Eddleston got into a car accident following a night out in the Halton area of Leeds.

Nat Eddleston is a well-known British celebrity partner. He is recognized as the boyfriend of the TV series Gogglebox star, Ellie Warner.

Ellie and Nat have been in a relationship for years. They went through the dark and happy moments together and strengthened their bond.

Warner is currently fearful and worried because of Eddleston’s health condition. He has life-threatening injuries and he is currently in the ICU.

Also, there is a chance of Nat having brain damage. He has already suffered a broken neck, back, and collapsing of his both lungs.

Nat Eddleston Accident: What Happened To Ellie Warner Boyfriend?

Nat Eddleston, boyfriend of Ellie Warner suffered a car accident on 19 March 2022.

He was on a night out near the Woodman Pub in Halton, Leeds. He spent his night drinking and partying at a local pub.

When Eddleston came out, he was struck by a car and was reportedly rushed to the hospital. He has sustained severe life-threatening injuries.

According to Leeds Live Co UK, Nat suffers from a broken neck and back. Likewise, his both lungs have collapsed and he might have possible brain damage as well.

Currently, Eddleston is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and everyone including his family, friends, and partner Ellie is praying for his speedy recovery.

Is Nat Eddleston Alive Or Dead?

Nat Eddleston is currently alive with the help of a life support machine.

His lungs have collapsed so his body can not process a gas exchange on its own. Other than that, there is a chance that he suffers from brain damage.

With the news of Nat’s accident being public, everyone is praying for Nat and his fast healing.

Nat Eddleston Age- How Old Is He?

Nat Eddleston seems to be in the age range of 25 to 35 years old.

He has not opened up about his birthday details. But he is a British citizen and he probably comes from a white ethnic lineage.

Find Nat Eddleston Wikipedia Details

To be true, Nat Eddleston’s bio is not mentioned in Wikipedia.

He is best known as the long-term partner of Ellie Warner. He and the reality TV star is dating each other for multiple years.

Nat appears as a well-educated handsome man. However, there is no factual info about his profession or education.

Meet Nat Eddleston On Instagram

Nat Eddleston lives a secretive life and he is not present on Instagram.

His photos are rarely posted by his girlfriend, Ellie on social sites. Further, he seems to be an introverted and a camera-shy person.