‘Never worked for my company’: Rudy Giuliani hits out at Noelle Dunphy after sexual abuse, wage theft allegations

In the wake of the lawsuit through Noelle Dunphy, Rudy Giuliani has hit out at her in his WABC radio show
He stated she in no way worked for him
Dunphy has currently filed a lawsuit in opposition to Giuliani accusing him of sexual harassment and salary robbery

Renowned attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani finds himself embroiled in a felony warfare as his former consultant, Noelle Dunphy, forty three, files a $10 million lawsuit towards him. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment, wage theft, and a chain of demeaning movements by using Giuliani, who is now 78 years vintage.

Dunphy’s felony criticism asserts that Giuliani aggressively pursued her employment and enticed her with a promise of a $1 million salary. However, she claims that Giuliani did not honor this settlement, leaving her unpaid for her services. Additionally, Dunphy accuses Giuliani of subjecting her to a non-consensual sexual relationship, together with times of forced oral intercourse inside the workplace, along with a popular pattern of degradation.

The lawsuit, filed with the suitable criminal authorities, sheds light on a contentious state of affairs among Giuliani and his former consultant. These extreme allegations, if confirmed genuine, ought to have big implications for the felony career and public photograph of Giuliani, who has been a outstanding determine in American politics.

In the wake of the lawsuit, Giuliani has hit out at Noelle Dunphy in his WABC radio display.

“She never labored for my agency. The matters she’s alleging are untrue,” he said.

“I am bored to death. I am not just a punching bag – I punch back! I don’t lie, I don’t abuse every body and I never have. I certain as heck and am not going to take a seat right here and be accused of that by way of a person who does this for a living,” he persevered.

“I had a record remaining night time that she did it with a man in Southampton… this woman has spent the ultimate eight years looking to sue rich men and set them up… Oh boy I can provide you with extra. She’s been excluded from motels because she trawls them to see if she will discover men to shake down.”

“You suppose the public ought to recognise that in evaluating the grievance? ‘I wasn’t the primary one she did it to,” he said.