New Hyde Park’s Health Worker Amelia Laguerre Shot To Death, Here Is An Update On The Incident

The Northwell Health staff member who was lethally shot in the parking structure of an organization clinical structure in North New Hyde Park has been recognized, as per police.

Somebody hanging tight for her in the parking structure shot her multiple times; be that as it may, the killer presently can’t seem to be recognized.

Who Is Amelia Laguerre From New Hyde Park? Amelia Laguerre was 33 years of age when she was killed in North New Hyde Park by a shot.

There aren’t much of insights regarding her own life that has been made accessible to general society. Since this case is so new, her folks’ personalities presently can’t seem to be uncovered.

Authorities asserted she had worked for the medical care framework for a very long time.

Northwell Health authorities have written to share the disastrous news that a Northwell colleague was shot and died in a public parking structure at 1999 Marcus Avenue in New Hyde Park, where Northwell Health is an inhabitant, late this evening in a clear homegrown clash.

Her family might not have gotten expression of her demise as of recently, and they might be disheartened to discover that she was taken from them at such a youthful age.

Laguerre is supposed to be the mother of six youngsters, inferring that she is hitched; nonetheless, the personality of her companion presently can’t seem to be uncovered.

New Hyde Park’s Health Worker Amelia Laguerre Shot To Death – Here Is An Update On The Incident Amelia Laguerre from Queens’ St. Albans was found shot in North New Hyde Park.

As per the Nassau County Police Department, showing up specialists saw Laguerre with a few shot injuries being treated by neighborhood clinical faculty from the jail.

Laguerre was taken to a close by medical clinic, where an emergency clinic doctor articulated her dead, as indicated by authorities.

“Northwell is offering advising administrations to colleagues at the scene and grieves the horrendous loss of our associate and colleague,” the organization said in an explanation.

During a public interview, a Nassau County police commander expressed that Laguerre was shot multiple times by somebody hanging tight for her in the carport.

He portrayed the occurrence as a designated assault and said the culprit is as yet totally free.

According to a Twitter tweet, her mom inferred that she had a run in with an ex; nonetheless, no authority news has been given.

Anybody who realizes the occasion is approached to call Nassau County Crime Stoppers.