NEWS: Royse City High School On Lockdown, Shooting Rumors & Orbeez Challenge Details

As per the recent update, Royse City High School has gone on lockdown since Friday morning. The police reported that a group of students caused panic. Scroll below to learn more. 

Royse City High School is a public secondary school in Royse City, Texas, United States. It is also the only high school in the Royse City Independent School District.

Back in 2011, the Texas Education Agency rated the school “Academically Acceptable”. In January 2022, the school made headlines after two students were arrested for possessing guns inside the school, as per WFAA.

Currently, it has been reported that the school has gone lockdown since Friday morning, 25th March 2022. Here is the full story.

NEWS: Royse City High School Has Gone On Lockdown

Fox4 reported that the Royse City High School in Texas has undergone lockdown after a group of students caused panic. Police reported that the incident took place at Royse City High School in Rockwall County, northeast of Dallas.

The authorities have mentioned that a few students were using airsoft or BB guns on campus. Evidently, it was part of a trending challenge on social media, also known as the Orbeez challenge.

Royse City ISD released a letter to the parents where they mentioned no students have been hurt. It occurred in the parking lot before the school.

They have referred to the challenge as “another senseless trend that disrupted the school environment”. The letter further reads that it has caused a strain in law enforcement.

Followingly, the ongoing “trend” on TikTok has resulted in serious legal ramifications all across the country. The students involved have been detained and will face serious consequences.

 Shooting Rumors On Royse City High School: Orbeez Challenge Details

Authorities haven’t mentioned anything about the shooting which hints that it is just a rumor. They have confirmed that no students were hurt in the incident

It was just a result of the ongoing trend on TikTok with the name of Orbeez challenge. This challenge shows people playing with the small gel balls. Meanwhile, some of the users have been sharing videos of the shooting with Orbeez balls with a gun.

According to recent reports, two Alabama girls have been injured as a result of it. People have been calling it a stupid trend that has gone viral on the video-sharing platform, TikTok.

Royse City High School Victims Details

As of now, there are no reports of any victims from Royse City High School, however, it has surely caused panic in the school.

On the other hand, two young girls of age 12 and 9 have been wounded due to the challenge in Helena. A Shelby County revealed that a teen has been charged with assault after the latest TikTok trend.

The report further states that one of them was hit in the face while another was hit twice in the chest. There are visible marks on the victim’s body due to the Orbeez ball shooting.