Nigeria Stock Exchange Daily Price: Where to Get Daily Prices

Every smart investor needs to be informed about daily stock market trends and price lists so as to be aware of any changes and know where to buy or sell. Here is a list of places where you can easily find information on the Nigerian Stock Exchange daily market lists. Money is a business blog that is focused on providing the latest business news in Africa. There is also a section dedicated to providing information about daily stock exchange market prices of all stock exchange markets in Africa. You can also get details on daily stock exchange market price lists on, along with advice on the best ways to invest. There is also an investor’s forum on the website where you can interact with other investors and stock market traders as well. This is the official website of the Nigerian Stock exchange and you can find daily, weekly and monthly information about the latest trends and price lists of all stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange market.

Central Securities Clearing Systems Websites (CSCS): This is the clearing and settling section of the Nigerian section of the Nigerian Stock exchange market. It was established in 1992 and started operations in 1997. On it’s website,, you would find daily stock exchange market price lists as well as other relevant information.

Nigerian Daily Newspapers: Almost every Nigerian daily newspaper has a section dedicated to Stock exchange price lists. You can also find same on their websites, for those of them that have functioning websites. Some Nigerian Newspapers where you are sure to find information on daily stock exchange market price lists include Punch Newspapers, Nigerian Tribune, Vanguard newspapers and other business newspapers. Capital Assets is a financial advisory and investment management services company in Nigeria. The company has a website where they regularly update the latest prices of stocks in Nigeria. This is a company that offers online stock trading services. The company regularly posts updates on stock prices in the market for people who wish to buy and sell stocks to have detailed information. This is another website that focuses on supplying information and updates about the latest happenings in the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market. is a website owned by Cash craft Asset Management Limited, a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. You ca also find daily price lists on Nigerian stocks here.

Stockbrokers: If you have a stockbroker, you can consider subscribing to their mailing list, as most of them provide their customers with daily updates of trends in the Nigerian Stock Exchange market, as well as information on latest prices of stocks.

Listed Company Websites: Most companies that are listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange also have sections dedicated to providing financial information to their investors, including the latest prices of its stocks.