Nikkia Cole-Beach Husband Deon Fasskash Beach and Family

Nikkia Cole-Beach husband Deon Fasskash Beach is a student at Jackson College Michigan. Deon was a spring 2022 semester dean list student.

Nikkia is best known as the daughter of grammy award-winning gospel singer Dorinda Clark-Cole. She is the only daughter of the gospel singer and was raised alongside her sibling Gregory “Jay” Cole Jr.

She now works as a tour manager for her mother’s singing group The Clark Sisters. The group comprises of five Clark children who are also credited for bringing gospel singing to mainstream music. Justin Aron is another American gospel singer to make the genre famous. 

However, she is now all set to step out of her famous parent’s shadow and make a name for herself by starring in Grown & Gospel.

The reality television show follows five childhood friends from Detroit, Michigan as they try to make a name for themself in the gospel scene by stepping out of their family name and their parent’s fame. She will star alongside, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Elijah Connor, Shana Wilson-Williams, and J Brooks. 

Deon Beach Is A Dean List Student At Jackson College

Nikkia Cole-Beach husband Deon Beach was listed in the spring semester 2022 dean list at Jackson College. Deon is better known as Fasskash Beach.

The man had a 4-GPA to be inducted in the dean list. Deon is currently studying to get a bachelor’s degree. He is enrolled in Jackson college but has not revealed his subject or the name of his course yet.

He recently shared an image of a letter from the president of the institution congratulating him for getting a place on the Dean’s list on Instagram.

Beach Sr. is currently behind bars and continuing his studies while in prison. According to MDOC (Michigan Department of Correction), he was sentenced to a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 20 years behind bars for assault with intent to great bodily harm on September 21, 2018. 

Deon appears to have had troubles with authorities in the past as well. He had four probation sentences listed on his profile at MDOC but all of them are inactive.

The 33-year-old was born on January 6, 1990. Nikkia wished her beau his recent birthday, she shared pictures of Deon and wrote an emotional post praising him for keeping his cool and mental state while facing loss after loss in life. 

Deon is found on Instagram with his username @fasskash1, his public social media account has over 1.2k followers and has made 157 posts so far. He has six body tattoos and two piercings. 

The Pair Has Been Married Since 2010

Nikkia and Deon Beach married in 2010. The pair celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 3 every year.

Deon Fasskash and Nikkia are deeply in love with one another after 13 years of being married. In an Instagram post, Deon shared there is no other woman like Nikkia and she has chosen to be together with him despite him being behind bars.

The couple is also seen sharing sweet valentines day wishes on their social media accounts, they also do not miss any opportunities to celebrate and wish on other occasions as well.

The pair met for the first time on October 16 for the first time, Nikkia shared an Instagram post wishing her husband a sweet day. However, she did not specify the year but wrote they are in love even a decade after their first meeting. 

Nikkia and Deon are not together since 2018 but their marriage is still going strong. They might be keeping their marriage and romance alive looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and for their two beautiful kids. 

The Pair Shares Two Kids Together

Nikkia Cole-Beach kids are Deon Beach Jr. and Kashmir Beach. Deon Jr. is the elder one among the two Beach siblings.

Deon Beach Jr. 

Deon Beach Jr. is the eldest of two siblings.

He was born on March 29, 2011, and is 12 years old now. Deon’s maternal grandmother Dorinda Clark-Cole shared her excitement about welcoming her first grandson into the family with a Facebook status. 

Deon got a mini-bike for his 10th birthday from his father Deon Sr. Wishing his son on his birthday, Deon Sr. wrote he could not let the day go without giving Deon Jr. best wishes and gifts. 

Kashmir Beach

Nikkia Cole daughter Kashmir Beach is 7 years old.

She was born on November 22, 2015. Kashmir had a blast on her 7th birthday last year when she had a barbie themed birthday party. 

Her mother shared a special birthday wish post with her Instagram followers calling Kashmir their miracle baby. Nikkia also vowed to give Kash the best of everything for the rest of her life in the same Instagram post.

Nikki Was Born To Famous Parents

Nikkia Cole-Beach parents are Dorinda and Elder Gregory Cole. Dorinda is one of the five Clark Sisters.

Her Mother Dorinda Clark Cole

Nikkia’s mother Dorinda is a grammy award-winning gospel singer from Detroit, Michigan.

Apart from her singing career, Dorinda is also a talk show host and evangelist. She was born on October 19, 1957, and is 65 years old. She started singing as a young girl with her siblings and soon started putting up live shows in church as a gospel group.

Dorinda and her four sisters  Karen, Twinkie, Jacky, and Denise worked hard in their harmonies and singing styles from a very young age. Their mom Mattie Moss Clark was a gospel choir director who spotted the girls’ talent and started molding them at a young age.

As a member of The Clark Sisters, she has won two Grammy Awards among other accolades. She is the lead singer of the group’s hit songs Overdose of the Holy Ghost, My Redeemer Liveth, and You Brought the Sunshine, among others.

Her Father Elder Gregory Cole

Nikkia’s father is Elder Gregory Cole.

Gregory married Dorinda on December 2, 1978, and the pair now shares two children together. Apart from Nikkia, Gregory is also the father of his son Gregory Cole Jr.

He paid a surprise visit to Dorinda in 2014 at a set of a talkshow. She took to her Facebook account to share the surprise visit. Gregory also makes a frequent appearance on the web through his wife’s Instagram account. However, he does not have a public social media account himself.