Nura Mustapha Waye Passed Away, What Is His Death Cause?

The maker of the notable Kannywood YouTube video “Izzar So,” Nura Mustapha Waye has as of now been all around the information as the chief unexpectedly died on Sunday.

His passing came as surprising to numerous others as everybody communicated their unfathomable trouble via virtual entertainment. Peruse further to find out about the subtleties of his chief’s abrupt downfall.

Kannywood Director Nura Mustapha Waye Death Cause And Obituary Nura Mustapha Waye, a notable Kannywood movie chief, died. As per reports, Waye was healthy when he hit the hay on Saturday, July 2, yet he didn’t get up the following morning.

The day of his demise was July 3, 2022, Sunday, when the prestigious Nigerian entertainer/chief left the world shockingly.

His YouTube channel Izzar So was truly well known in Kannywood as it highlighted 90 episodes, played and coordinated by Waye himself. To outline, Kannywood is a casual word for Hausa-language film.

Moreover, the Hausa-language entertainment world goes under Northern Nigeria and is situated in Kano. Starting around 2009, it has homed 150 screens in which 1000 fictitious element films were created containing 500,000 affirmations.

“Kannywood” was first utilized in 1999 preceding which it was known as “Nollywood.” Sunusi Shehu of Tauraruwa Magazine begat the name Kannywood which at last turned into a renowned shortening for the area in Northern Nigeria.

Mustapha was a prestigious character in Kannywood and his dying on Sunday morning has brought recognitions flooding in.

Nura Mustapha Waye’s Wife And Children: Net Worth 2022 As a letting the cat out of the bag, Nura Mustapha Waye was pronounced dead and was the overseer of various series and movies, including the notable Kannywood YouTube sequential “Izzar So.”

The show was cherished by quite a few people and his family/fans could hardly imagine how Waye left this world so hastly. As referenced above, he was well and dynamic as of recently, however since the awful occasion occurred, Nura was let go today in Kano, Nigeria.

Waye has been covered by Islamic traditions. He abandoned the world leaving his significant other and kids. In any case, there are no personality and subtleties uncovered about his better half and children.

One of his associates, Aisha Muhammad Adamu communicated her sadness at this news by posting Nura’s image on her Instagram account. She is a voice-over craftsman and has dealt with Hausa melodies.

In like manner, the total assets of Nura Mustapha Waye has additionally not been uncovered on the Internet. With his passing, his fans and associates have taken to web-based entertainment to grieve.

One more well known entertainer, Ali Nuhu, while responding to the miserable news, expressed; “May Allah show kindness toward Nura Mustapha.”