Obituary: Courtney Groft Car Accident – York Volleyball Player Death Cause – Age & Parents

Courtney Groft, a Penn State York Volleyball player, has passed away in a car accident. Find out more about her including her death cause, age, and parents.

Courtney Groft was a Penn State York volleyball player. Sadly, she lost her life in a car accident on Saturday.

The York player was on her way to practice on Friday evening when she got into an accident. They were practicing for her upcoming semi-finals but she sustained serious injuries in the crash.  On Saturday afternoon, Courtney passed away in the hospital.

Obituary: Courtney Groft Car Accident – How Did York Volleyball Player Die?

Courtney Groft passed away on Saturday evening after she was injured in a car accident. She was a freshman and was on her way to practice when she was seriously injured in a crash on Friday.

The head coach Keith Hartman shared the news of her death in a Facebook post. Keith had been her coach since she was 16 years old and was like a daughter to him.

The York Volleyball player died after sustaining a serious injury in a car accident. However, a detailed report of the accident is yet to be revealed.

The news of her death has shaken the whole Volleyball community. People have shared their condolences with Courtney’s family and sent their prayers to them. An obituary has been shared in her memory.

Courtney Groft Age: How Old Was She?

Courtney Groft’s age was 19 years old. She was born in the year 2002 but has left this world at such an early age.

She graduated her high school last year and had just joined college. Courtney was in her freshman year and was passionate about volleyball. They were competing in a tournament and had reached the semi-finals.

There isn’t much information available about Courtney right now. We hope to update it as soon as possible.

Meet Courtney Groft Parents

Courtney Groft’s parents are unknown at the moment. They are mourning the loss of their daughter and their identities are kept confidential for the moment.

We hope to update them as soon as anything comes up.

Is Courtney On Instagram?

Yes, We can find Courtney on Instagram. Her IG handle is @_courtney_groft_.

She has 3.7k followers on her account and shared 124 posts so far.

Courtney shared her last post on Instagram on 31st October. She was wearing a Halloween costume and with a friend in the picture. Sadly, hours after the photo was uploaded, she got into a car accident.